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    Black Poetry : A MOMENT

    Sweet baby_face, U really wrote this..... i'm into the flow and the message.... the moment..... Great job.... Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : Why Black History

    info-moetry, watzinaname, j'hiah, Prizefighter16, $$RICH$$, Bishop, 1poetsought, PositiveMindset, Thanks All for reading and commenting glad yawl appreceated this writing about us and our struggle and our win coming that we are helping to come.... to the best of our knowlege and...
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    Black Poetry : Why Black History

    How did Black History Month come into being and why? Some folks just take things for granted, but no not i i've got to question things To find where Truth rings And you are like me i can see So, how did we get here from whence we came What's the origin of the thing and its name? The...
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    Black Poetry : Once Upon a Time

    Cindy, A most interesting poetic scenario perceptions of once can and do unfold to forever and to never enjoyable read.... Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : American Idle ~

    1poetsought, into the vibe the poetic describe of aspects of this experience brought upon us since we fell from grace and got lost in this place but with stiving and destiny we shall again be free excellent write....l Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : Poetry is THEFT

    shaz, i enjoyed your flow and found this a very interesting perception.... nice write... Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : We Must Become

    We must become See where we're coming from We must break from this jam Be real us, you, me, i am Straining from the weight Of centuries of hate Don't let it overcome and break you Stand up and be true To your gifts of grace The beauty of your body and face Reflecting the...
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    Black Poetry : Conspiracy

    will-he-write, Continue Teach, Reach Under fire Our enemies conspire with the main battle waged on Armageddon the place of the skull the minds of the dull brainwashed participants ride in their own genocide :thinking: thanks for the lessons.......
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    Black Poetry : Things Change(Ode to autumn and life)

    twision, i enjoyed your poem and message.... Change is our challenge if we can deal with change effectively we have mastered a great deal of this realm.... Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : We Have, We Look, We Call, We Must, We Have (this is my sonnet on it)

    We have already crossed the burning sands We have chosen the right turns at crossroads We have with courage taken righteous stands We have with strength shouldered the needed loads We have sown the seeds for crops bountiful We look upon the promised harvest great We call out loudly to...
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    Black Poetry : Thirty Thousand a Year

    Vyolet, :weights: hear you loudly and clearly...... :darts: Def on target and despite all this "Still we rise" Peace and Blessings
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    Black Poetry : Come, Lets Get Better Acquainted

    mzblkangel, $$RICH$$, jazzymoonchild, daroc, watzinaname, Muse, triniti, Destee.......Thanks one and all sorry to answer so late but as you all know, i'm sure, life be's that way sometimes. Good to see every one in good form i'm good my obligations shifted a bit allowing less time...
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    Poet of the Week : Poet of the week ( sista Daroc )

    :spinstar: daroc:spinstar: :spinstar: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! :spinstar: :spinstar: As-Salaamu Alaykum:spinstar:
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    Black Poetry : Come, Lets Get Better Acquainted

    ('lo agin, dis is one a mah sonnets 'bout me gittin to know U and U gittin to know me-----li ta'arafu) Come walk in my environmental lands See the sights hear the sounds feel the breezes Then you'll know better why i take my stands As the deep tensions between us eases And i shall...
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    Black Poetry : ~~!!HEAVY MAKES YOU HAPPY!!~~

    PropheticNsyght, i'm happy and das heavy, Nice floetic piece.... Peace and Blessings..