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    Black People : Henry Louis Gates here is a SONG for YOU.

    In every war there are traitors and spies. In our case the traitors and spies are Negroes. The intelligent traitor and spy understands that his life literally depends his usefulness to his masters. Intelligent Negroes like Henry Gates have discovered a niche to keep themselves alive. His is the...
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    Black People : is it OK to put down black people as long as the critic is black?

    You must have been listening to Pastor David Manning and Reverend Jesse L. Peterson. LOL! Seriously we don't need to air our dirty laundry but we do need to expose to dispose. That is the problem. Typically when a Negro speaks out about the conditions of Black people like you said the use...
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    Black Parenting : White couples adopting Black childern, what is your opinion?

    We can all have opinions about this but unless we plan to do something about it then to those who continue to adopt our children our words of anger and outrage are empty at best. Therefore I reserve my comment until my actions can match them.
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    Black People : Sandra Bullock adopt's Black Baby

    Wouldn't it make more sense to adopt a Black child in need so that the Angelina Jolie's and Madonna's and Sandra Bullock's don't have a chance to adopt our children because they are all in Black homes? Bottom line is it's up to us to protect our children. We know what they will do. They have...
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    Black People : Sister Queen Has Passed Away

    When I first got here Queen and I had a conversation. She said she had been reading my posts and could see the passion in them. She asked if I wrote poetry. I told her I have never written a poem or even thought of writing one. She encouraged me and told me I should. Because of her kindness...
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    Black People : Straight from the Horse's Mouth?: "The Undisclosed Truth"

    Big ups my sister.. Outstanding post my sister. The first thing I immediately noticed about these videos was in the first video the sister started out by proclaim her vigilant dedication to the eradication of racism. My question is if she has truly understood what was being said does she still...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    Excellent point. I would say your grandmother and grandfather had a horrible marriage. The fact that they stayed together is not a testament to the power of love they had for each other with all that gone on. What defines a successful marriage is the relationship you have with your spouse. Your...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    Thanks for being honest...I won't lie..Marriage is scary. Marriage is a learning process.. Your parents are the best example of marriage you can have. There is nothing wrong with being content with being as you are. I can say that I'm a person that has always sought the companionship and love of...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    Thanks for sharing...What I didn't tell you is this is not my first marriage..This is in fact my second marriage. I too have a failed marrige under my belt. What I learned is when things got bad I don't feel I did all I could have done within myself to save that marriage. I also learned that...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    Thank you sister and again I think you'll have great success if you find you like who your man is as well as love him...
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    Black Relationships : Sisters Want Someone To Blame For Their Bad Relationships

    Do bad things happen to sisters who are not at fault and for no other reason than bad things happen to people sometimes? Absolutely! Without a doubt! For sure! I don't think we are telling about these sisters or those kinds of situations. I think we are discussing sisters that for a lack of...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters As I scan the forums I see many threads that discuss our issues and deficiencies. It is always good to expose the negative to dispose of it. We must be care not to dwell on the negative too long. We must also exalt the positive as well. This is the positive...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Afreekan WOMBman~ Original GOD

    I have seen this video before. When we consider from a universal perspective of that which mankind calls GOD the fact is what we know is infinitesimal compared to what we don't know. This is not a bad thing. In fact it's a good thing. The fact that we don't know means that we are still growing...