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    Black Spirituality Religion : How Are Spiritual / Religious Leaders Trained ?

    From Eji Ogbe A o t'okun dokun ka too ri winni-winni agbe A o tosa dosa Ka too ri doodo orun Aluko A baa t'okun dokun Ki a tosa dosa Ka too ri oloooto Awo Odi Ile-Ifa Akelubeke Dia fun Igbin O n'sawo lo sode Ileyo O wa mekun sekun igbe O mohun seyere aro O ni: Eniyan an won o...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Interview: Mama Zogbe-The Sybils Ancient Prophetess of Mami Wata

    It got to a point when the wife actually started get mad at the interviewer. I'm glad Mama Zogbe had alot to say and sometimes went for a while before the interviewer got a chance to f it up. It was definitely good to hear her though. ~Qwamii~
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Interview: Mama Zogbe-The Sybils Ancient Prophetess of Mami Wata

    I might be alone on this but.... I didn't like the way that the interview was conducted and the underlying themes that the interviewer seemed to keep trying to throw out there. Mama Zogbe was dropping plenty of knowledge, real deep knowledge, but it seemed as if it was being pulled towards...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Top Ten Signs You’re a Zealous Pagan

    LMAO@ 6,7,8 8 is sad but so prevalent nowadays "dogmatically opposed to dogma" lmao Thanks for the laughs! ~Qwamii~
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    African Traditional Religion : Question about Olorun

    Yoruba language I will tread carefully since this thread was not directed at me, and since I’m still coming to better understandings. I will start with the concern of the “O” in deity names. My study so far has not led to any information or conclusions on the “O” being close to the reason...
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    African Traditional Religion : Odu Ifa discussion

    Fu' Meji Ofun Meji Afinkin is what kills slaves; broken oaths are what kill friends; Curses are what kill thieves; and ancestors are what kill relatives” And “If the market breaks up suddenly, foreigners are left scattered here and there, traders remain, and those who have spread there...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Death

    Death Oyeku-Ise Death - From Oyeku-Ise The Odu in part says: …. divined Ifa for the sages who invited the babalawos to consult on the problems of death by asking: “Why should death kill people and nobody has overcome death”? The babalawos said: Ifa has indicated that Amuniwaye...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Death

    Odu Death the point between (that rests at) the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Ill be posting an interesting Odu on this in a bit.... ~Qwamii~
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    African Traditional Religion : Odu Ifa discussion

    Ose Meji Ose Meji “The evil thought in their heart does not make us to assemble with them. “Their wicked acts does not allow us to associate with them” Cast divination for the Nettle The close friend of the forest tree “Would I extricate myself from the captive of man”? They...
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    African Traditional Religion : Odu Ifa discussion

    Irete Meji Aboru Aboye, Abosise I did notice a very familiar sequence but thought I'd post those two since I missed out in the beginning. Anyway your request was heard and gladly accepted. And I hope that we can continue sharing insights and understandings within the tradition. Oh yea...
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    African Traditional Religion : Odu Ifa discussion

    Eji Oko (Oyeku meji) Eji Oko (Oyeku meji) “Kindness is not unrewarded; Wickedness is not unrepaid; Doing kindness with evil intentions, Causes kindness to be unrewarded; What they do for a chicken is not unrewarded; After a little while we make broth with it for them to eat;” Cast...
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    African Traditional Religion : The 16 Truths of Ifa

    Ika Ofun Translated by Obadele Kambon http://www.******************/forums/yoruba-language-resources/36971-ika-ofun-yoruba-translation.html (sorry for the special characters) Ìká funfun Ìká Òfún A dífá fún àgbààgbà mêrindínlógún Wôn ñ relé Ifë wôn ñ læ rèé tæræ ogbó Àwæn lè...
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    African Traditional Religion : Odu Ifa discussion

    Eji Ogbe (Merindinlogun) Eji Ogbe "Teach me how to divine so that I may know how to divine; Teach me how to appease the gods so that I may know hot wo appease the gods; Teach me how to prescribe sacrifice so that I may know how to prescribe sacrifices" They were the ones who cast for...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Hoodoo, do you practice?

    Bro Blackbird, Is your email still the same? Ifayabale ati agbara (Peace and Power) ~Qwamii~