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    Black Poetry : Personal Letter No. 5

    oooooooh I liked this one...because I know exactly what that feels like. *sigh* :rolleyes: lol, i like the way you flow poet keep it goin Mz.Soulll
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    Black Poetry : What's Really in a Name? Ode to Watzinaname

    "Sshh I could treat you to a funny movie and a happy meal" Lol@ funny movie and happy Hey many a time i used to be on this meal plan...., thank God i upgraded to the big kids meal...hehehe this was fun to read Mz.Soulll
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    Black Poetry : private letter no. 3 (toJ.Christ)

    I enjoyed this because it was so refreshing. Especially the last verse "He's all I need...dang" Ain't that the truth brotha. Thanks for posting this one. Mz.Soulll
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    Black Children : How do I stay single?

    Thank Goddess Isis, you really gave me another perspective to look at. I never thought about being whole in myself, as a reason to be single. But that's a very important part of me...and thats knowing me thank you again Mz.Soulll
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    Black Children : How do I stay single?

    Thanks sis, Lord knows I'm tryna stay focused Mz.Soulll
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    Black People : Tommy Hilfiger finally clears a decade plus rumor

    His company did suppposedly take leaps to rectify the situation. Oprah and CNN stated that the rumors were false. But then again, it's like that question, "if a tree falls in the forest and no one's there to hear it, did it make a sound?" Who knows what was done. We can only regard the here...
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    Black Poetry : It Sure Did Rain A Lot in April, Didn't It?

    :rolling: this was a fun and light read for me...i enjoyed the way it was laid out. Flowed out like you were thinking this during a train ride... :jump: thanks for puttin up the cool read :cool: Mz.Soulll
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    Black Poetry : GHOST TOWN

    this was definitely tyte and very much heartfelt. Thanks for puttin this up, it poses a lot to think about Mz.Soulll
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    Black Entertainment : Russell Simmons on derogatory language in rap musik

    I've briefly seen the hooplah that Russell Simmons has been making over certain words being banned from hip hop. For example, Ni**as, The B***ches, Hoes. One reporter quoted Simmons saying that he blamed hip-hop for influencing that radio personality to call a female college basketball team...
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    Black Astrology : GEMINI THE TWINS...

    wow, this thread makes me proud to be a gemini. Usually people take me as "two faced" when I tell them I'm a gemini. But this thread hits the nail on some of my personality traits. Cool :cool: Mz.Soulll
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    Black Children : How do I stay single?

    It's funny, when I was younger, like 13, I wanted a boyfriend so badly. I mean, I really wanted companionship. Now that I'm 18, and have went through my load of good and bad boyfriends, I need me a break. For one thing, I'm focused on fixing my life, as well as furthering my relationship with...
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    Black People : Tommy Hilfiger finally clears a decade plus rumor

    I'm sure everyone remembers the rumor about how Hilfiger made some racists remarks concerning who he didn't want wearing his designs because of their racial backgrounds. This included blacks, asians, umm....basically everyone but the caucasian race. Supposedly he had said it on Oprah's show...
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    hmmm, i wonder why this was removed
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    Black Poetry : 2nd Time Around.

    Off da chain...this poem was straightforward and smooth Mz.Soulll