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    Black Poetry : It's so bittersweet

    Thanks so much guys! it means a lot to hear you liked my poem.
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    Black Poetry : It's so bittersweet

    It's so bittersweet Can't you hear? Every morsel of my body is aching for you? This is how my body talks to you. Can't you see? Every time i think of you my heart swells for you? Remember who possess my heart, it is you. I was afraid of this. Afraid that i would want you this bad...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : there isn't one type of hair

    I'm 100% black. Both my parents are black. Yet, my features seem to say otherwise. My hair is naturally wavy/curly and very soft to the touch, even softer than some white people. Since my hair doesn't fallow the norm of hair type that black women should have, people find it hard to believe I'm...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Washing Your Hair With Conditioner - No Shampoo

    but conditioner doesn't clean you hair, just moisturizes it. Wouldn't you have to at least wash it once a while with shampoo? I wash my hair with shampoo like once a week with the avoidance of washing my hair in between the days i use shampoo. Sometimes I end up washing my hair like 4 times a...
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    Black Poetry : my destiny

    thanks I didnt expect such a response at all. Online crushes :uhh: are not a good thing. And it wasn't like i was looking for someone online, it sort of just happened. i've moved on though...
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    Black Poetry : my destiny

    my destiny i'm gazing carefully at the stars as my thoughts wonder i start to ponder is destiny written in the stars? I'm imaging your hands tracing me, skin to skin, ever so softly needing the details thus moving slowly ending with intertwined hands. do you see how, again and...
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    Black Poetry : unconditional

    thanks for your comments guys! :11900:
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    Black Poetry : unconditional

    i'm not much of a poet, but i felt like sharing anyway. unconditional it's hurting because of this love this love, doesn't allow rest constantly worried that i'd make u upset. i want to runaway runaway from your love but this love is my existance and i'm scared to parish...
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    Black Poetry : The Tears

    i know how you feel...
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    Black Poetry : In School

    That was real nice MADRAPPER. :hot:
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    Would you ever. . . ?

    wow Reading the article you linked really surprised me. I thought people were smart enough to know those bleaching creams are damaging to your skin! Anyway, it's sad to read articles like that. I can't get mad at those women for doing what they did. The bombardment of white media is very...
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    Black People : need help

    You mean to tell me that they are those who will pay for me? If that is so, I don't think I can accept. My parents wouldn't approve of that either. I'm 16 years old by the way.
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    Black People : need help

    Oh yeah, and thanks for your help NNQueen!
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    Black People : need help

    My parents wouldn't approve that I pay for something like this. Maybe when I get older and I'm still using this site I'll becoma a premium member.
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    Black Poetry : now i'm me

    thanks thanks guys. I'm not very good at making poems, but I still like to write some. It's somtimes hard to love yourself for who you are. It's always easy to find flaws. Now I'm trying to look for good things about me. I'm glad I realized that I can't please everyone. The only person I...