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    Black Poetry : Why?

    Why do people always fight And twist the fact of black and white? Why are we all so racist And wrap our fingers in a fist? Why can’t we all just get along And sing as one graceful song? Why do we judge a race And get on each other’s case? Why does it have to be this way And make...
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    Black Poetry : Tyme she know

    True Story :) You just described my current situation perfectly. Very nice flow! Your passion in your art is definitely always felt :)
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    Black Poetry : Where's my heart

    smooth flow :) Wow...i can relate definitely. Those kinds of people are definitely not people we should keeps in our lives, but at the same time pieces of those people make us the person we are today :) Always a pleasure seeing your art!
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    Black Poetry : Deferred, Indefinitely

    luv n it I always love poppin' back home to destee every now and then, and reading your lines :) Always a pleasure! Everytime I read your art I feel pounding in my heart from the passion you bring :) Thanks for sharing So'ja :)
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    Black Poetry : How Can We Justify?

    How Can We Justify? Can you tell me why? With so much pain How we can justify Without shaking our heads in disdain Sitting here doing nothing each and every day Crying in the falling rain Well this is what I have to say The world is bleeding and dying each and every moment Claiming...
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    Black Poetry : Those Kinds of People

    Look out for that neighborhood They won’t ever be understood Cause they need to find the soul food Maybe then they wouldn’t be so rude Why can’t people enjoy life? Instead of hating and living in strife Walking around with a switch blade knife What’s their deal? No one wants to open...
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    Black Poetry : What's Really in a Name? Ode to Watzinaname

    Hey there I've always loved your style. It's good to see you around still. I pop in here and there :) Thanks for your support and I look forward to reading more of your art. Also, it's cool to finally put a face with the name handsome ;) One_Love
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    Black Poetry : Crazed Emotions

    Crazed Emotions I can’t find the words to describe how I feel It’s so vivid in my mind that it doesn’t seem like it could be real What I am feeling has never really been accepted These kinds of feelings I’ve always neglected I’ve felt it wrong and sick to feel that way Then all of a sudden my...
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    Black Poetry : Friends

    Thank you Many times when people are going through some difficult problems they forget about their friends. True friends are your back bone. It's a shame if people don't realize that just because you don't need your friends doesn't mean that they don't need you. Please always remember your...
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    Black Poetry : Friends

    Everyone needs a little bit of friendship That doesn't mean someone who's joined by the hip It means someone to comfort you when your low Even when they tell you what you don't want to hear though They are as true to you as your own heart beat They won't let you recognize your own defeat...
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    Black Poetry : Pain on Others

    This message goes out to The people that inflict pain on others On their sisters and brothers No matter their ethnicity colors How can you not hold values and morals? We’re not the enemy, you are Constant drive by’s in your car Why do you feel so much hatred? You don’t need to...
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    Black Poetry : My Mom

    I know you are not proud of me I can see the shame in your eyes But what do you think made me this way? How was I supposed to feel, so then I cried You stuck your face in your book And left me alone in the world Alone to deal with my grief and sorrow A pain filled soul in a little girl...
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    With Much Respect I have to say I'm sorry that you think color is involved. I'm not saying that it might not be, but that is why we still have racism today is because people look at those kinds of people as disgusting for being racist yet they didn't say anything racial. You don't know what's...
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    Black Poetry : Withholding Love

    I know that feeling. Very nice poem. One_Love
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    Black Poetry : I TRIED TO LOVE YOU

    A lot of times some people realize their feelings when it is to late, but they are not the one or fate will guide you back. Nice scribe One_Love