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    Black Spirituality Religion : BLACKROOTS SCIENCE

    10 years later, everything is unfolding as our Elders planned and warned Us about. The Fall of America is upon Us. At a minimum, practice Self-Care, boost your Immune System response, and protect one another. RNA viruses are a response to changes in the natural environment and our DNA...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Black Reawakening

    It’s time to Wake Up Black People!
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Where's brother blackroots/afrknroots?

    I remember when he used to post here. Prior to release of level 2. Not much reception so he said he was going to be moving on. Search the threads and you might find that post.
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    Black People : What / Where is Black Twitter?

    Nah. You not wrong. I can only speak for myself though. I support you when I’m able. At the same time I got friends and family on those other sites that I use for networking. I encourage you to keep doing what you do. You have a rich legacy which needs to be cherished and respected. It doesn’t...
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    Omowale Jabali : BCP

    Information on the South African, apartheid era, Black Community Programmes established by the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania
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    Black People : What / Where is Black Twitter?

    Just follow this tag #BlackTwitter and you will find accounts following or using the tag. Other than that it’s not a designated space or monolithic body. It’s different than Facebook because on FB anyone can create pages or groups which target specific audiences through content...
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    Thanks Sister Destee. Happy New Year to you as well.

    Thanks Sister Destee. Happy New Year to you as well.
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    Black People : Claud Anderson on PowerNomics

    1995 interview.
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    Ethiopia : Oromo Protests: Why Ethiopia's Largest Ethnic Group Is Demonstrating

    Oromo protesting for most part against TPLF minority rule, forced displacement, violation of fundamental right to self determination and selling of Oromia land to Chinese developers. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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    Law Forum : FBI Identifies ‘Black Identity Extremists’ and QAnon as Growing Threats to Law Enforcement

    The FBI or Feds should be more concerned with White Identity Extremists such as Dylan Roof, the Klan, the Las Vegas shooter, and all the gun nuts in Open Carry states organizing right wing militias. There is no Black Extremist Movement. All the groups targeted with that label are divided along...
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    Black People : Louis Farrakhan Confesses Jesus ?

    I know but what he's talking about is not the Quranic view or belief in Isa. For years he has equated the Hon Elijah Muhammad with being Jesus and he is his Companion. However, this is what Elijah himself taught.