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    Black Sports : NFL Road to the SUPERBOWL

    HOW COULD CHARLES WOODSON WIN THE DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD? WOODSON GOT ABUSED BY FITZGERALD and probably got abused by WRs all year long but because he led the league in ints , that makes him the DPOY? DARRELLE REVIS GOT ROBBED !!! REVIS SHUTDOWN BIG TIME WRs all year long...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    Congratulations!!! But it is clear you still don't understand the bible and you keep misrepresenting the bible. Show me where in the bible do see God telling someone to rape a woman? I am curious to know how many of the ministers in your family share your erroneous beliefs? I don't believe...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    I was not making my own version . What I was talking about is written in the bible passages that you mentioned in your previous post. All you have to do is read it for yourself and you will see that what I said was the truth and what you posted was a lie. This is why I said you need to read the...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    I justed showed you that what you posted was false, yet you say I "ignore all common sense and facts". It is you who are ignoring these things. The bible has proven time and time again that it is true and reliable as a source of information about history and life in general. People who have an...
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    Brother AACOOLDRE : From Super Apostles to Apostle

    Paul is not suggesting that we should not obey God's laws. Paul is saying that simply following laws or rules are not going to make you righteous . Nothing can make you righteous and we can't earn a spot in heaven through our works ,but only through the good graces of God. This truth puts the...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    You should actually read the bible and not cut and paste things from websites then you wouldn't have your head filled with misinformation. Whoever is responsible for the content on is clearly misinformed by what is in the bible. In Judges 21, the Benjaminites(a tribe of...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    You seem to be confused on the meaning of the word "slave" in the bible . Slave means more like a servant and the bible teaches people to be kind to others it clearly doesn't teach anyone to beat or mistreat his servants . The over all biblical message is to treat others like you would wnat to...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible CONDONES SLAVERY

    The term "slave" in the bible is not used in the same way we use the word. It is used as a term for a servant ,who does have rights under the law. As in the case of the female slave, you falsely describe her as a "sex slave". The bible doesn't say that a female can be used as a sex slave , but...
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    Black People : Did Michael Jackson Hate Being Black? Listen to His Own Words

    Your welcome, I just can't stand when people form opinions based on misinformation .
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    Black People : Did Michael Jackson Hate Being Black? Listen to His Own Words

    A lot of people in the business (black and white) have had nose jobs ,including members of Michael's family. Also we see alot of black people who use european hair on their head and use bleach cream to make themselves lighter. So even if Michael wanted to look white then that would make him no...
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    Black People : Did Michael Jackson Hate Being Black? Listen to His Own Words

    Michael had vitiligo , which is a skin disorder that makes a person lose his or her pigment and leaves them with porcelon white skin . I personaly have seen several black people with this disorder in my everyday life, so I believe Michael was telling the truth and also I have seen pics of...
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    Black Entertainment : A TEAR FOR M.J.

    Actually this song is in the movie "Get On The Bus". It is played during the intro. I think the last couple of weeks should remove all doubt from anyone's mind ,who was the best entertainer of all-time. Who else could have inspired so many people across the whole world.
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    Celtics didn't blow anything game 7 is in boston and Boston is 32-0 in game 7 all time celtics vs cavs ECF
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible was written Literally

    When you know the truth and don't share it--you are negligent and God will hold you accountable.As a Christian I am required to attempt to spread the truth about God . If Christians didn't spread the truth a lot of people would continue to walk down the path of destruction ,which we don't want...
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    Black Sports : CHEER UP BULLS FANS

    I'm holding out hope that Wade comes back home to Chicago, but I guess that's not likely . He probably loves South Beach too much. Wade would have been a Bull all along if it weren't for the Heat having the pick right before the Bulls in the 2003 draft. AAAAH............what could have been.