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    Black Astrology : Pluto

    Brother Aqil, Could you please give us some info about the upcoming major change in Pluto and the affects it will have on us? Thank you.
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    Black Astrology : Me too! Chart please?

    A HUGE THANK YOU!!! Thanks so much for this info! Of course I have questions, I will ask later. Thank you Brother Aqil
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    Black Astrology : Me too! Chart please?

    yeah, I've been to many times. I would like Brother Aqil's insight. Thanks.
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    Black Astrology : Me too! Chart please?

    Hello. I just signed up to be a premium member, but I am not sure if it shows through yet, but could not wait to ask for my chart! :) My info 12/25/1978 09:00AM Redwood City, CA My DH's info 08/28/1973 birthtime unknown Pasadena, CA THanks a bunch!!!
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Dreams?

    There is a great test on website that you can take. it will help you to analyze your reocurring dreams. Hope this helps. I love's site and tests!!!
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    Black Jokes Humor : 98% or 2%...which are you?

    weird, I said Red Axe... an axe has a similar shape to a hammer...