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  • Hey Sistah, glad to see ya. You were truly missed saturday. I was looking forward to hearing your lovely voice.
    PS-next time we in chat u owe atleast one song. plse...........................
    Ma'at Hetep
    Nubian One,

    Your voice is very impressive, Nubian One, and I'm certain this isn't news to you, so, as many others have said, so say I to you the same, for real. One day, I expect to see you on TV, as they say:), you are just that talented, my sister friend.

    What up my sista Nubian One:

    You definitely caught me off guard with that beautiful voice and I don't say that to just anybody.


    Sister Nubian One,

    Thank you for accepting my friendship, for real, especially after tonight's meeting:). We had a very good chat though, contrary to popular belief, all families have issues that must be worked through. So, you Friendship is special to me and will never be forgotten...Peace In my sister friend,

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