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    Black Women : Traditional Gender Roles

    Thought this might be empowering or at least thought provoking after reading a few dozen threads in the, The Black Family/Black Women/Black Men sections of the forums.
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    Health and Wellness : Generational Trauma

    Many of us indiginous people have suffered through generational traumas since colonization came to our shores 500 years ago now. It's believed almost unanimously across the tribes that power is in the blood (in many ways). I had a few questions for you regarding this area (like 100, but i'll...
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    The Front Porch : Introduction. Hello Community.

    Bojou Nikan, (Hello Friend) I wanted to introduce myself, my motives, and offer you my perspective and any medicine or wisdom I can provide to encourage the community on Destee to become empowered, in exchange for the information and perspective you will/have shared with me (from former posts)...