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    Black Poetry : Goodbye

    Goodbye... What is it to know you and never see you for what you are? How am I to believe you, when I watch you from afar? It'z never what it's cracked up to be....... never what I signed up for see.... it's hard to find the words to say goodbye.... hard to walk away with pride.... but...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : What becomes of the Broken Hearted?

    What becomes of the broken hearted? I've tried loving, tried hoping that this could lead to place where I'd find peace But that was just as far fetched as the possibility Of holding on to someone else's property Perhaps it seems naïve but I loved loving you And you loving me...
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    Black Poetry : Intrigue

    Peace family... I know it's been quite some time since I have communed with you all.. I have been in the field working open mics around about my city, but oh how i do miss this set being that it was my first... peace and love enjoy my growth... Intrigue Perhaps the possibility of elapsing...
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    Black Poetry : .::~Beneath God~::.

    He centers me… In the writings of his tomes Chanting incantations of universal serenity Harmony… Anointing my head with timeless devotion Sprinkling my feet with the petals of a illuminated passion He kneels, I kneel We pray together in the affinity of our “oneness” Your words...
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    Black Poetry : NoBody's Home

    Can you just let me in love? Rich I LOVE this scribe man, you never cease to amaze me! Much Luv! :smokin:
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    Black Poetry : It's Beyond Me

    [ The situation, the feeling, and the growth. That order is needed to rise above any adversity. You did your thing in this piece and even reminded me of someone... :haha: Xcellent sribe
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    Black Poetry : A Poet's Death Part 2- The long awaited

    Can't Express The words. Thankx so much for the luv, but most defiantly the message. You understood the situation, the feeling, and the growth. A true life process.
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    Black Poetry : Love @ 1st Sight

    This love affair is intense and I'm feeling it. Thanx for sharing
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    Black Poetry : Crabs in a Bucket(u have to read this 1)

    I most defiantly dig the piece, but without unity in the black community and the erase of complacency we can never really rise as a people. The schools are there, but we don't want to go. The opportunities, although they might be further away for us, are still reachable, but we would whether...
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    Black Poetry : A poet's Thoughts...

    Yeah you defiantly did your thing, poet of the week. Preciate da scribe!
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    Black Poetry : A Poet's Death Part 2- The long awaited

    I really preciate da luv fam, here goes... My soul plundered 6 feet under and my ora separated but my words reparated the loses before the masses i showed my *** and realized just like glass i broke and when it soaked in like thieves poetry broke in and vandalized the place gave...
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    Black Authors : A little guidance needed

    Fam, My group and I in pursue of having a publishing company along with dropping an album. Do you have any suggestions as to starting our publishing company? If so, please leave your response below. Thanks, Fini
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    Black Poetry : Love's Awakening

    My goodness! Brotha brotha brotha! French is the language of love and this piece, whether in English or French, personifies that very fact. Preciate ya!
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    Black Poetry : A Poet's Death Part 1-The Transition Album

    Hey fam! This piece is very close to my heart, tell me what you think cuz it might be on my new album. I develop myself thru poetry thru the rhymes i spit so poetically they're deadly but revive live in this body thats been hung out to dry i feel disconnected every time my pens...
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    Black Poetry : I Am Void......

    Lurk babe, you never cease to amaze! Great scribe!