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    Black Poetry : Where Are We?

    Upon the obstacle called 'writer's block' is where I now stand, beating it to pieces, with a poetical-rod in my hands. I cry out...hear my voice as it echoes, My words flow over moutains and spread down into valleys and meadows.
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    Black Haiku : Growing Up and Apart

    Yesterday, we were friends Today, we're acquaintances Tomorrow, we'll be strangers...
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    Black People : Brothers receive Award for saving woman from rape

    Voice Online :: Brothers receive award after preventing rape TWO BROTHERS are set to receive a Good Citizens Award from the West Midlands Police, after they stopped a woman from being raped in 2009. Adam and Matt Brooks had just driven off a motorway into Coleshill, Birmingham...
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    Black People : 19 Yr old addicted to eating soap

    I don't know if this has be posted...(I've been away for a while)...but dang! It's amazing she's still alive! Tempestt Henderson, 19, consumes up to five bars of soap a week | Mail Online 'I'm addicted to eating soap': The 19-year-old girl with a dangerous compulsion doctors say could kill...
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    Black People : Gay Education: In Primary(elementary) Schools Just saw this news-clip video. Some schools now have homo-story books. "Romeo & Julian"... what are ur views on this?
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    Poetry Critiques : (Things Got Out Of Hand) Experimental Poem

    yea'..i kinda got the same feed back in my class, 1 person suggested going back to how it started...and they it started could be my ending.. and yea' part2 could be nice...I may go for an open ending.. lets see... :)
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    Poetry Critiques : (Things Got Out Of Hand) Experimental Poem

    This was part of an assignment I had, to practice/experiment with rhythm and pace. please tell me what U think...(Constructive criticism welcome) PEACE.... Okay, stop, calm down and start breathing, Yes, I know I just found out she’s cheating, Getting down & dirty with our neighbour...
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    Black Poetry : Why We/I Write : Poetry Chain (This 4 all to join in)

    I write because I like 2 play with words, run with verbs. play football with sentences, skip around with grammar, Express my infactuation with punctuation, comma and apostrophe full stop. Exclamation! I write because i don't say everything on my mind I write beacuse it's a gift and it's...
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    Black Entertainment : Femi Kuti- free song

    Here is the song: :):):)
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    Black Entertainment : Femi Kuti- free song

    Femi Kuti ft. Mos Def - Do Your Best
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    Black People : So Long on Death Row?..why?

    Literally a few times, I dont really go on that site. but thax for ur input on the thread-topic.
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    Black People : So Long on Death Row?..why?

    I was just wondering why people spend years and years on death row, waiting to be killed... (You'd expect a process like that to be much quicker,) any1 know why?.. (I'm not really a supporter of the death penalty)
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    Black People : Woman shot as she tried to leave kkk rite.

    Whoa!..i guess kkk adopt the 'blood-in-blood-out' rule aswell.... COVINGTON, La. – After a Ku Klux Klan initiation at a Louisiana campsite went awry, authorities said, a recruit who tried to back out was shot dead. The body of the woman, who traveled from Oklahoma, was dumped on a rural...
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    Black Jokes Humor : PISS HAPPY

    Hahahahahah very funnie!
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    Black Authors : What comes first?

    alot of people start the poem 1st... It depends on the individual. also it depends what mood U are in... usually U base your poem on the mood you're in or whatever is on your mind.. and it starts from there... some people can have a title and whatever emotion the title...