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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    Have you seen the sign Lighting up the sky Sign from the Divine The source of life Holy holy Hallelujah Praise Christ and Jah For giving power through prayer I feel you holy spirits Divine power like air Breathing your love like doves flying through atmosphere We know your Divine love We know...
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    Black Poetry : Orgasmic

    Like this rhyme scheme and the implications...
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    Black Poetry : The Waters

    Instead of what up my n###a what up my brother Why not what up my water Water The most abundant compound of elements vital for all life Some call it H2O We believe this to be the compound But I am here to tell you there are many types of water Some literal some figurative Let's start...
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    Black Poetry : Trouble

    So much trouble in the world So much trouble in the world Natural disasters steadily rising All round the world today So many earthquakes shakes we Amounted 1070 just this week Hurricanes plague coast cities Tornadoes hit the open plains Tsunami’s in the Asian countries Natures out of...
  5. I Refuse To Fail - Nahshon Swanston (Inspirational Spoken Word)

    I Refuse To Fail - Nahshon Swanston (Inspirational Spoken Word)

    This is an inspiring spoken word written by the talented Nahshon Swanston. Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. Exito Media Follow us on
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    Black Poetry : The Lust Chronicles II (Feed The Need)

    She stands before him In his abode In his bone room Two doors down from the blue room And across the hall from the throne room His humble quarters The place where the shhht goes down Where grown folks business is handled And he is about to handle her Like a sexstarved caveman And in his eyes she...
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    Black Poetry : That Walk in Life

    Matriarchal matrix of Queen of The Nile...loved it
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    Black Poetry : The Circumvention Of Conception

    Temptation Frustration The wanting desire To give in To give in to The Full knowledge Of what pleases self Trying to find out also What pleases current conquest My Voyeuristic Tendencies Are Simple pleasures Enjoy slow tempo Mood setters Like scented candles Incense Wine or liquor...
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    Black Poetry : Bedchamber Blessings

    Beloved...the skin to my true closest kin...blessed we have been...sacrifices we've made...all ways for the greater good...taking the shape of our we can appreciate our quiet times...and reflect on what joins us as one...solemn vows taken at heights of heart...
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    This earth he has traveled Far and yonder The man in the suitcase The constant wanderer Hotel and motel are second homes The temporary sustaining shelter all alone Through cities, states, provinces counties Parishes, towns, villages Continents and countries Wandering Searching Reflect Learning...
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    Mixed bodies in a crumpled twist Looking like the pains of arthritis As they shake and turn Coveting the return of sensations within the legs of both To start anew The painful pleasures Of the enjoyment of lovers Next word: ubiquitous
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    This is for the lover in you This ring means I'll always be true This day I won't stop loving you This time is gonna last forever... The thoughts in a song Say what I've wanted for so long Since six years old I dreamt of my future bride What she would look like? What would she be like? Could I...
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    You don't know what you've done for me... You've Saved me many hours away from therapist beds... You've Incited me to recover my own spirit... You've allowed me to seek my own voice... You've inspired and have caused me to be an inspiration... You've reminded me of spiritual things first and all...
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    This is no Ordinary love... No Ordinary love... You fit into my life like a hand in glove You fit into my life like the skies above You opened up to me your heart Telling me your depths from the start I shared with you my words my art Hoping that I could one day have your heart I have known...