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    Black Poetry : A Gift from GODS Heaven Above

    For He is strong all over this land,for he created the sands at Hand.His Will of peace and serenity.For on this the 1st day he stepped back just to see. For he is strong, smart,Phase one of his start. then with his hand he created water & Land. for this His 2nd day, was so grand. He smiled...
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    Black Poetry : On Line Lover

    Its Not in the way that she Holds me, Its Not in the words that she speaks, Its Only her heart thats make me weak, so I tell her! In this time oh My Lady your love is all ways on time Its not In the way she makes me wonder, the Beauty of her I grow fonder,Its not in the way she holds my...
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    Black Poetry : On Line Lover

    the reality of a good Loves is deep down in a man and womans soul,Hell you think you got it all but a another man has stole, what you had was all yours, at Least you thought and felt in your soul, She just wants an better life , BUt I was taught It takes 2. I was All ways told. why is it that...
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    Black Poetry : He Dreams

    A man often wonders what its like to be held, kissed even his thoughts are made of this, of the lady he wishes from Gods Heaven above. No! she dont have to be slim nor small, but wishes she would give her all. No! she dont have to rock his world and unload her honey, and after she done she ask...
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    Black Poetry : Love Of the Mind...her thoughts

    Got Mad Love 4 U all In 2003 See As I Haved Walked through the visons of my Life, It dont take a man long to figure out whats right, The Love That is here is still so strong, in 2003 we still growing on, But in this Place is where id love to be, Remembering, of how our words still flow, so...
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    Black Poetry : Love Of the Mind...her thoughts

    Oh yes of the mind, see I have Loved you many times. Love Meant from the heart,So we can Innertwine. She did reply!Until I met you, the Lady you know was oh so blue, but there in my eyes a vision of a man so true, as i told my heart oh dayum its you. Oh yes of her words! when she whispered...
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    Black Poetry : We Need A Family Meeting!

    I Hear YaaaaaaaH ! destee I hear you,and understand, just let me know, with you is where I stand, see I know of what life can bring, but as you know i love to write, and its here, my Heart Has wings, what can I do to make it better to, MWLover
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    Black Poetry : Who Am I Tell Me

    Tell me! do you know me...When you need me Im all ways there. When you think you are alone, Deep down Inside is my Home.There Is where I dwell..I found a stair case to climb up high to see,the visions that I want to Know thats why Tell me! Do you know me.. I rock your soul Gently you sway, I...
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    Black Poetry : Transcend

    I hear ya LOVING EVERY WORD, this scrib is str8. keep doing it much love>>>>>>>>>>>MWLover
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    Black Poetry : BLACK MAN FAILING SAGA: Weak Man Dropping Babies

    No my brother we have not failed theres still time in this world we can dwell, as a father a mother, to raise our kids Right, take them under your wings,its going to be all right. MwLover
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    Black Poetry : True Black Essence Man

    I am, A Man for my parents and God created me. I am the legend of a true king for i am my own Kingdom. I have my own mind,for I control my Destiny. I have my own feelings, even the winds of the earth surround me. I have my own eyes to see,to invision,my forth comming trilogy. I have a part...
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    Black Poetry : Liberating Love

    Liberate me from the cold. Give back unto me the warmth, I must hold, for I no longer want to lay in strife, I need her, want her in my life. Liberate me, take my eyes to see, the burning light that inflames me. will it burn forever, only she can see, she ignightes this inside of me. Liberate...
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    Black Poetry : Of Queens and KINGS

    In this life I have seen, the life of what, all have seen, a time of joy, a time to cry,a time of love under Gods Blue sky, As i Ponder the thoughts in my mind, see i didnt leave, but i remembered this time, of the friends that held me so near, and close, especially my queens in here, the beauty...