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    Black Poetry : Please Don't Go

    :luvv :luvv: :luvv: hey this was so deep, i was really feeling that, keep on flowing nice work fa real.
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    Black Poetry : i wont stop....

    I DIG that it was cool , truly felt, yessssssss :fairy:
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    Amun-Ra : Keep it to Yourself

    Bro Amun-ra, im so grateful you brought this to the forum. and i agree with you in full. Performance is key, and many of us brag about degrees and such, as if one is better than another person who may not have one....i know many college "degreed" black folk that don't even have common sense...
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    Black Poetry : HONESTLY

    HONESTLY im tired of folk pickin on me can't appreciate my dexterity make me sick with no apology i see the revolution still leads the blind even from slavery times we still can't jealousy out the mind lets do the crab thing pull me down again this type of stategy never makes...
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    Black Poetry : i love you unconditionally

    is this true??? awwwww man i feel u on this one, did he really do that???:maddd: :maddd: :maddd:
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    Black Poetry : Breathe

    i'm sitting here don't know what to do cause i am so in love with you i can't move up i can't move down sometimes i cry and don't know why i wish we could be like it was fun in the summer the two of us but fall is come and winter too and i am still in love with you what...
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    Black Poetry : What's my name?

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Black Relationships : Love Me As I Am?

    the truth is, until a persons awareness changes, nothing will change. YOU SHOULD ACCEPT A PERSON FOR WHO THEY ARE GOOD AND BAD there is nothing wrong with asking a person to make some adjustments, however most people expect folks to change things that make them unique, and that NEVER works...
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    Black Relationships : ten years of mental scars

    ooo pray sister, pray and write his name 7 times on a piece of paper and put it in your shoe u wear, and walk him out ur life! for real it works!:toast:
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    Black Relationships : Not interested in "Good" relationships...

    yes it would be boring because when most folk speak of good realtionships, they do more bragging and fabrication than anything else, they try to make it seem so dang on perfect, when the opposite is true. so that's all i have to say.:eek:
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    Black Poetry : ITS NOT THAT DEEP...

    :laugh: :laugh: :uhoh:
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    Black Poetry : ITS NOT THAT DEEP...

    wow, thanks, that is a high compliment!:kiss: :kiss:
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    Black Poetry : ITS NOT THAT DEEP...

    Dayum i've been sittin here thinking of how many times i had dreams of you how i let u walk in and out my life, at ur own free will never really asking u to explain why u've returned. anything to keep the argument silent to make peace not violence but ur much to much to appreciate...
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    Black Poetry : You Should See Me

    this was sweet!:)