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    Black Poetry : Heaven

    I'm speechless. I really enjoyed this piece. I can't wait to read more form you.
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    Black Poetry : baby

    That was tyte! scribe on poet!
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    Black Poetry : Lord i'm speechless, don't know what to say...

    That was truly beautiful! I must say that I really related to this piece.
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    Black Poetry : Follow Him

    That was deep. Scribe on poet.
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    Black Poetry : DYING TO LIVE

    Wow! That was deep. I have to say that I truly felt this one.
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    Black Poetry : Sunshine Rains on Lovers Blue

    Wow. I got shivers reading this. That was deep.
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    Black Poetry : I'm Gonna Change

    wow! I absolutely enjoyed this piece. I think at some point in everyones life there comes a time where they feel they need to change things.
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    Black Poetry : Teardrops Shared...

    I loved this piece especially the last line. That was tyte!
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    Black Poetry : one step forward, two steps back

    Thanks Tashatoya. I'm glad you like this one.
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    Black Poetry : one step forward, two steps back

    Thanks Nevar and tantrum. I'm glad you liked my piece. Thanks also to poeticmanifesta. Your poem was tyte. I guess great minds do think a like.
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    Black Poetry : one step forward, two steps back

    Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your feedback.
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    Black Poetry : one step forward, two steps back

    I take one step forward and two steps back never seeing the qualities that he lacks, but getting caught up way to fast. An indication that things weren't meant to last, But somehow I've fallen right into his playa trap. Knowing better because I've been there before so this is no mishap. I take...
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    Black Poetry : ****, and she wasn't even 18 yet

    Nice piece. It really made me think about people I know that are in the same situation as the girl you wrote about.
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    Black Poetry : Blurred Vision

    I feel you on this one. That was tyte.
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    Black Poetry : How Do U Know About Love?

    That was deep. I loved it.