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    Amun-Ra : Sexy and Sexual?

    I have to agree with you Amun Ra!! sexy is in the essence of the person and sexual is mos def what you see is what you get... well, I know for a fact that sisters, dont always want to admit it (seeing that the thought of just "raw sex" can be too much for us emotional beings to handle ), but...
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    Pan Africanism : Victory for Amina Lawal...

    my brotha, in a nut shell, "mkhaya" means "homie, homeboy, some one from the same village/town or neighbourhood as you." in Zulu (which is what i am) lo' is short for love...simple name. let me ask you something, the 419 scams, I know in South Africa we are bombarded with e-mails asking for some...
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    Pan Africanism : Democracy-a decade down the line...

    thank you deepy for your thoughtful and encouraging promised i will continue writing about this and that here and there... lo'
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    Black Poetry : I Finally Let Myself In

    indeed i am glad you finally let yourself in, and most importantly, you realised that you are a poet!! scribe on poet!! lo'
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    Pan Africanism : Victory for Amina Lawal...

    firstly, let me welcome you to the family, its always so encouraging to have some-one new added! about your post my brotha, may I ask, are you nigerian by descent? if so it would be so informative for the rest of us if you could share our insight with us. much love and respect lo'
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    Black Poetry : HER VOICE speaks out !

    my my my!!!!!!!!!!! man.....****... i can feel the intensity and the love and the pureness of the love..this is amazing.. lo'
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    Black Poetry : i got this song

    I gotta sing my song.... says oleta for it, its somewhere in there in your, peherps its in your fingertips, clap your hands and make a beat, then maybe the song will come...lovely piece my fellow blk member!! lo'
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    Black Poetry : poetry is a never ending song...

    i am so humbled by everybody's response here... thank you... lo'
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    Black Poetry : Do You Know Why the Black Child Sings

    ashey!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the family! I know why this black child sings, cause i got a loud voice and my views need to be heard!! lo'
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    Black Poetry : mental twist.....

    i am feeling this one, espacially, the short quick words that you write, just make it even more impactful... lets just hope the love will never fade to completely... lo'
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    Black Poetry : poetry is a never ending song...

    thank you everybody!!! triniti, you write, i do go for sebaticals from time to time... i suppose i never just want to write for the sake of writing, sometimes one has to stop to think, or peherps, just stop to experience.. thank you so much!! i feel so encouraged!! lo'
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    Black People : who here believes only whites can be racist in america

    Coming from a country with a history of racism, i find myself in two minds about the whole situation. As Mahogany brown indicated, racism as we know it, is white sumpremacy in an oppressive manner over other races. and that is simple and understandable. But what do you call a black person being...
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    Black Poetry : poetry is a never ending song...

    Poetry is a never-ending song, written and inspired by lyricists both dead and alive. Sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow. Sometimes it takes its time like a jazzy flow.. Poetry is a never ending song-words forever being written Melodies forever being created, rhythms and harmonies always...
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    Black Poetry : The saddest line, I cannot write

    i think that everybody has the saddest line they can write about which will capture some sad moment-I know i have my saddest line that never leaves me... great piece... made me think a lot!!!!
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    Pan Africanism : Democracy-a decade down the line...

    South Africa is reaching its ten year democracy mark and i stop to think where we are as a nation, as a society, as communities, as families, as individuals. for me personally I think the international perception of South Africa is sometimes warped.... be it the perception that the racism is...