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    Black Poetry : beach morning

    No one makes scenarios like you, girl, ****! "masterpiece"
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    Black Poetry : I think and I met and maybe I am

    Ex, am there, doing that! love this one!
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    Black Poetry : I Need To Know

    ooooooo....I am in this search right now. it hit home. i had to cry. Thank you. Sometimes, even as poets, we can't find the words to describe ourselves then a dynamic such as yourself helps me out. Thank you again.
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    Black Poetry : I Need 2 Be Wit U

    your experiment with dialect is AWESOME! I love the lovin' in this one!
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    Black Poetry : Full House

    Oh My....I can't thank you all for the praise! Queen, ditto, likewise, my sentiments exactly!
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    Black Poetry : Revolutionay love poem....and I do love u

    you only protect your own state of mind but, muthaphucka, im protecting mine own and believe you me, I WILL kill you FBI, CIA....kiss my ***-ATA! i will not seek asylum i will pack a violent, violent pistol and splatter your racist brains all over "Uncle Webster's" definition of...
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    Black Poetry : Full House

    In my house there's not enough space for cluttering your "access luggage is not welcomed In my house there is little ventilation so hell naw you can't air out your dirty laundry In my kitchen room there are no space savers to save my heart for you til you're ready So though there is a...
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    Black Poetry : Remembering Darius (6mile)RIP

    His Blazing fire eyes burning the flesh of trial and tribulation never waited on the time to help him determine his every move living the name of a King Darius Jacob Ishmeal Abraham Issac Joseph Jesus he is the son of ll prophets he is the combined breaths and flesh of...
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    Black Poetry : for JMJ - the Hollis, Queens version

    My Adidas! Das' all I gotta say. one.
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    Black Poetry : ...image...

    OOOOHHHH! It was soo smooth from my lips I almost didn't hear the words. That was Tight!
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    Black Poetry : Emotional Assasination

    I felt like I was losing my breath as I read it. It came to life for me. I have felt these emotions before. WOW! I LOVE IT! ......hold on, Sistah.
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    Black Poetry : Thanksgiving (haiku)

    This haiku makes me think and it is chaulked full with meanings. I LOVE it.
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    Black Poetry : *****, What!?

    Brotha, I feel this piece. Its poetic and "matter-of-fact" at the same time! Keep it flowin'.
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    Black Poetry : Connecting The Soul Chain

    i am a lady in waiting i am a poem on lips i am integrity stating i am a swing from my momma's hips i am tasty yams and dressing i am a life giver filled with blessings i am surity and purity with sensuous eyes i am 5'9 and sexy with big sistah thighs. i am surly and sticky sweet at...
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    Black Poetry : untitled

    Thanks Poetic, its a new twist on an old situation.