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    Black Relationships : Marriage: Would you consider a mutual agreement of inviting a 3rd person in your bed Adultery?

    Nah, you don't have to be 'young' if you're good-looking and fit and have a little money. Or fit with money. Or ... just someone with money. LOL Or, whatever. It can't be that hard for a man to find a willing woman - even in your age range. There's always been sexual freaks. They're just...
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    Black Relationships : Marriage: Would you consider a mutual agreement of inviting a 3rd person in your bed Adultery?

    No, I wouldn't. I have a traditional relationship. I don't like sharing. I don't like women. Although, it really wouldn't be sharing if another woman were there - but, still! If you're religious, it's probably a sin. Then again, you likely weren't a virgin when you hit the marital bed --...
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    Black Women : Sisters, is this true or a myth...?

    All human beings can identify beauty. Males are just conditioned to think otherwise. That's why they tend to have such an issue with homosexuality.
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Afro question

    Nope. Black hair is multitextured...even on a single head. Some hair is more kinky than curly and vice versa. Sometimes, hair just 'grows down'. My natural hair doesn't really 'fro' right, either.
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    Black People : Santa Claus is White Supremacy.

    1. You're a strange egg, OP. 2. Santa Claus isn't an ancestor (of our enemies) because Santa Claus isn't real. And...neither is Jesus. LOL The realization is bound to sting but you're gonna have to rip that Band-Aid off at some point, people. 3. "...we wonder why small black children...
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    Black Parenting : How Many Kids Do you Have?

    No babies. The husband is eager to start. I'm just not ready for that yet. I need another year. LOL
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    Gun Ownership : Black Men Openly Carrying a Gun in a Holster Will End Racial Profiling in America

    I was raised around weapons, grew up shooting, etc.... My family still hunts. I support 'Castle Law' and the right to defend. Always will. Open-carry? Can't get on board with this. Not with this stated purpose. If you're male and big and black? You're probably more likely to be profiled...
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    Black People : iggy is white, beyoncé is creole.....

    No comment on the actual matter at hand but, frankly, I'm surprised that someone on here is even entertaining Beyonce's creole foolishness. Where'd you get that Beyonce wasn't black? So, redbones aren't black, anymore...or...? LOL Is it because of her mixed heritage, when damned near all...
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    Black People : They killed his son; he made a sign.

    Im not above the judgement passin' but I dont have a reason to. I dont know the man to doubt him. What I do know: People react differently to life events. I think it's improper to criticize a grief response. I see a guy holding a sign and posting the pic on social media. *shrug* Would...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : DAYS OF TRIBULATION: In the door?

    People said the same during the bad hurricane season/series of earthquakes between 2003 and 2008 before blaming the disaster in haiti on the gays and praising god for causing it. People mentioned the same 'war n rumors of war' schpeal during the Iraqi "War" buildup, WW2, Spanish Flu, Civil...
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    Black Entertainment : Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus Trailer

    I wont be tuning in. I think the entire premise is corny and low-brow. I also don't 'get' this guy's work. I've seen Boondocks. I remember when Dave Chapelle went on Hollywood hiatus and came back explaining that he was being pushed to focus his act on black people in a negative way. This...
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    Black People Politics : Why does America rush to militarily engage a tiny nation like Iraq but run from engaging Russia?

    1. No gain. *shrug* Same reason, we don't attack China. We stand to lose as much as them, even if we 'win' militarily. No one wants another world war or Cold War. 2. Bush was a 'hawk'. Obama isn't. Public wont support another war unless someone attacks America Pearl Harbor style and...
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    Black Education / Schools : In 2011, Xavier University graduated more black MDs than any other, including Meharry!

    -- Recently? Learn something new every day. Xavier's been churning out black pre-med students for years, I thought. *shrug* I only remember this because, when I was graduating in 99, and one of my childhood friends was telling me all about the school. She did undergrad at Xavier &...
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    Science and Technology : Hidden smartphone setting maps your every move

    I have android. When hotspot is off, wifi turns on. Its constantly tracking and Im constantly turning it off. I go to Google Local/Maps and my whereabouts are right there. Route taken. Location. Duration of time spent there. ...but watch me lose the phone and have Sprint's customer care...