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    Black Poetry : Intoxicated Thoughts of a Sober Man

    apologies are no good if the offense is repeated so I wont say sorry this time, I just won’t repeat it it’s similar to standing you up and I feel kinda bad it makes it worse when you don’t get mad I feel like I’m floating right now, drunk as a wino I almost smoked some weed, but I gave...
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    Black Poetry : Mothers Day Poem

    Mom, where can I begin? It's like a long beautiful story that has yet to reach it's end.. I would be so much further behind if not for you, and I can't even pretend.. You’ve been the guiding factor that kept me from going over the brink I love you and learned things from you that you wouldn’t...
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    Black Poetry : Mistakes

    cutting through dreams like a subliminal knife, my life spins like a discus because of bad decisions I’m submitting to an unhappy heart part of the problem is my inability to change quickly and making bad choices is a major flaw in me mistakes are part of a growing process.... but I’m...
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    Black Poetry : The Shower

    missing you as you wet your body down mad that as you're doing it, i'm nowhere around i'd grab you soon as you step out, still dripping and wet run my fingers along your slippery body, so the mood would be set every day that goes by, i need you in my life more beauty commonly runs skin...
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    Black Poetry : the hermit

    thanx for the kind words to you all, rich i need to take a lesson in positivity so i can feel the way you seem to about things. thanx for the encouragement though, i see a tiny bit of light at the end of this tunnel, just cant stop running towards it
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    Black Poetry : Musings of a Madman

    I’m lost, floating on a cloud of confusion, drifting like ash sifting through my emotions, fearing intruding thoughts of my past shifting gears like manual transmission trying to keep up with life transmitting negative energy, sharp remarks cutting like a knife I have no time for games, only...
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    Black Poetry : the hermit

    im not sure what a gangbuster is 1poet
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    Black Poetry : Prayer

    i think we should bring back prayer in schools, our country is falling apart we need a lotta work, but that would be a good start war with other countries, our allies turning their back when we had God in the forefront, we were on the right track it's not as if everyone has to convert to...
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    Black Poetry : the hermit

    **** it, im alone....that may never change so I should be prepared I’ve been feeling so down lately, there’s nothing to which it can be compared I even fail trying to talk to God when I pray I don't stay on my knees long, I don't know what to say I feel as if im failing on every aspect of...
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    Black Poetry : Chess/Life

    My emotions are my pawns... I can let them block things up, impede forward progress, protect myself.... or to attack, to feed off of their force in numbers, and let them set things up My decisions are my bishops... hanging around, sometimes changing the outcome of the whole thing...
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    Black Poetry : ESCORTED flyte to LUV

    i love it rich...keep dropping gems on us.
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    Black Poetry : Day-Mares pt.2

    my mood swings like the pendelum in a clock constant. i tried to hide my feelings under my attraction for a certain lady but even she isn't making my mood improve lately im way past empty, my life is like a void going about daily tasks with all the liveliness of an android i sense...
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    Black Poetry : Trapped

    trapped in a place with no bars or guards but I can leave as easily as I can fly away locked in solitude and bound by my own weakness I should have never allowed her in my life, now she has a vice grip on me like a pair of pliers I try to leave her alone but she keeps calling out to me...
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    Black Poetry : feelings?

    you poets make me feel tooo good about just writing what i feel...i thank you all so much for the kind words and the inspiration when i read your poetry and hope you can draw a lil from mine, that way the circle will never break.
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    Black Poetry : feelings?

    i cant get enough of your name, its insane you take up 55% of my brain and i cant maintain im attracted to you like a moth to flame its not about self esteem, but how can you feel the same? is it real or am i reaching for hope in you? is this a futile dream to have a love thats true? im...