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  • Greetings Brother MetaSaience,

    I am inquiring if you have recieved any messages fom me? Please let me know the status. I would definitly appreciate it. :)

    Peace Bro
    i've elevated from Cosmic Male to Cosmic God, how did you know today was my
    awakening? lol my realm of "KNOWING" was confirmed today it's the small things
    that most don't notice you know i know you know lol
    I have had several dreams where I go to a house. The first time I went with my boss who only believes in what he sees in front of him. His reality is in black and white, no grey. Thus, its interesting my first visit to the house included him. We were ascending a spiral staircase and he was talking to me (in the often time condescending tone he uses in real life), when spirits came from everywhere, mostly through the walls of the house. He didn't see them but I did. He continued to ascend the spiral staircase but I remained at the bottom observing the spirits and acknowledging the fact I recognized I was in a spirit world. The second time I went to the house, I was outside trying to get the numbered address but could not recall what it was when I woke up. I was observing the outside of the house in that dream but don't remember much about it. I think the house was white. The third time I went to the house, I was with an invisible presence that showed me a room full of beds wherein many people were sleeping. The presence showed me my sister sleeping and then I saw I was sleeping nearby. I said "Wow, I am dreaming myself asleep." The Presence said "You are dreaming but you are also waking up." I observed my sleeping self for awhile and then actually saw myself somewhere else sleeping, that was in my apartment in bed sleeping. As soon as I recognized that, I woke up with a jerk, having seemingly fell back into my body. I went again to the house. This time I was in a bar. People were socializing and I seemed to be waiting for someone. After awhile, I felt a strong urge that I must go, so I left the bar. It was then I realized I was in the house. I stepped out onto the porch where I met two women. They apologized for being late and acknowledged it was they who I had been waiting to meet. They introduced themselves as my spirit guides. They were both white women and gave me their names. They told me they knew I had to go. They gave me a key to the house and told me to use it in future. I then opened the door for my two guides and they stepped into the house. I closed the door behind them, locked it and then woke up. Again I went to the house. This time I was in some kind of egg shaped vehicle. I was in the center of it and all around me was what appeared to be a waterfall. I stuck my hand threw it and realized it wasn't a water fall but rather a curtain of liquid energy. Once parted, I saw a woman behind the curtain sitting in a room. She was a short white woman with short cropped hair wearing a tweed suit. I got the impression she was a British school marm. I greeted her and she startled. She said she was surprised I could see her since it was highly unusual for someone to arrive the way I did, let alone see her. She said "Since you are here step into the room." So, I did. She was in a room surrounded by huge books. I opened one and tried to read it but it kept going out of focus. I got frustrated. She told me not to worry since I already knew the contents of the book. I replied that I did not. She said, "It is ancient knowledge that will be given to you. However, you already know it. You are not new to us. You have been with us before. I replied I didnt know any ancient knowledge. She reiterated that I did and that I must try to remember." Again, I said I didnt know how I got there let alone know ancient knowledge. She once again said "Yes, you do know. Try to remember. Try to remember what you already know." She went on to tell me that I did not have much time so I must hurry and do what I had come to do. I said I have no idea what I came to do. She pushed me through the threshold of the door stating I must hurry and provide the service for which I came. It was out in the hallway that I saw the spiral staircase and then knew I was in the House. This time, I was already at the top of the stairs. My first time with my boss, I remained at the bottom of the spiral stairs, but this dream I was upstairs. I went down the spiral stairs to the front door of the house where I saw for long distances. I saw people coming in single file toward the house, they were coming from far off. Those coming close to the house however I told not to come to the house. I saw in the sky a whirling, spiraling sun. It looked like a vortex. I advised those people coming to go toward the house to go instead toward the light of the whirling sun. I told them to go to the light. I woke up saying "Go to the Light." Another time I was at the house and seemed to be with a male friend. I was in a room talking to him and then left the room. I was in a long corridor and suddenly saw so many rooms I feared I might not be able to get back into the room. I then realized I knew I was dreaming and said to myself I hope this isn't going to be one of those dreams wherein you cant return to your point of origin. I decided I would reunite with my friend and return to the room where I left him. I started passing the rooms walking along the corridor. Finally, I saw a door. There was light coming from under it and through the cracks in the sides of this door, so I deemed I would head toward that door. I was walking toward it when I saw some people coming toward me. They advised me to turn around and not go in the direction I was heading. I didn't take their advice however and continued to go to the door because I felt drawn to it. I opened the door and walked out into a bright day. I saw a circular path and followed it and ended back in front of the building where I saw my friend and rejoined him. I knew then that in future dreams if I paid attention, I would be able to find my way. Once I thought that thought, I woke up. My last visit to the house so far, was recently. In the dream I was standing before floor length mirrors. It seems it was a dressing room because my two guides came out from behind it and were dressed in ball gowns. They were very glad to see me and asked if I remembered them. I said yes and addressed them by their names and told them they were my spirit guides. They were delighted. It was then I caught sight of myself in the mirror and I too was dressed in a ball gown. I asked whether we were going dancing. They replied that we were dressed for a happy occasion. The next thing I know, we were outside in the countryside walking down a slope. The grass was a lovely green and I was feeling good. My spirit guides and I were chatting together as old friends when we came to a river. The ladies said we would have to cross the river to get to the other side. I mentioned our ball gowns would get wet. They smiled and told me not to worry but to get in the center and they would be on each side of me. I did as they asked and we all clasped hands. They asked if I was ready to cross and I said "Wait. I want to see your faces so I remember you when I return." I looked at them. One was blonde and the other brunette. They weren't young or old, weren't ugly or beautiful physically but I felt a great kindness from them and indeed they felt affection for them. It was as if we were old friends. I said I was ready to cross and we stepped into the river where I expected to sink. But to my surprise we stood on the surface of the water. I then noted I was dreaming. We started to elevate and lift up and then we were flying. It was like I could see myself from the ground below at the same time I was flying way up in the sky with the ladies. Flying was very familiar. Very familiar. I realized how much I missed it. The ladies laughed and said they knew I would be happy and told me we had plenty of time so said to fly as much as I wanted and I did. It was exhilarating and I felt great joy and abandon. I flew and flew. It was so freeing and marvelous. I looked below and saw a golden field with wonderful deep dark pink flowers. I swooped down and touched them. I was amazed I actually felt their velvety texture. I thought "Wow, I dont ever recall actually having the sensation of feeling before in a dream. I asked the ladies if I could pick the flower and take it back. They said I could not since the flower could not survive in my world. I stated I would care for it. They replied that I didn't understand their meaning. They said " cannot take it back because it will not exist in your is from this world. Just enjoy it for what it is and let it live." So, I left it and flew closer to the earth. As I did, the ladies visibly disappeared. I felt them with me but could no longer see them. It was like I flew on alone (although I felt them with me) until I saw a house. This house had a big picture window. I descended and stood looking through the window where I saw a man lying in bed. He was sleeping. As I watched this man, I realized that I had seen him before in an earlier dream. In that dream, I found myself in the bedroom of a man who was sleeping in bed. His arm was over his face so I couldn't really see him. He woke and went into his bathroom where I heard him running water. He turned off the bathroom light and I panicked because I knew he was returning to his bedroom and would find me there and I could not explain my presence to him. I jumped into his bed and covered my head with his blankets. I lie very still. He got in bed but had his back turned to me. I lie still until he returned to sleep and then slipped out of his bed. I stood over the bed very curious about his appearance but then somehow even though he was sleeping he sensed someone was there and woke up. Just as he turned to look directly at me, I woke from that dream. But in this flying dream, here I was again in the vicinity of this man's bedroom but this time outside, looking in. Not inside his bedroom as before. I stared at him through the glass window and then he jerked awake and looked straight at me. I realized he saw me and ducked down. His phone rang and he went to answer the phone and that brought him closer to the window. I saw then he had a very big head and huge bulbous eyes. I woke up.

    Now the very interesting part is that during my waking time, I decided to use my board which the Loving Beings call the phone. I was using it when the board said 'Hello."
    I replied "Hello. May I ask who I am talking with? Are you a loving being?" The reply was, "I am the one you saw in your dream. You were watching me while I was watching you watch me. I just wanted you to know sometimes I dream you when you dream me."
    This was all that was said and I was not sleeping then.

    So to respond to your comment, it does seem I am having very communicative dreams.
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