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  • Thats a wonderful ideal! Many people use Protective symbols in their home/space. I had one for my grandson in the form of a stuff doll. My daughter would take it with her whenever they went out to welcome positive energy and semi-sheild from the negative.


    Illuminate my path and guide my way
    keep me with with you always, stay with me
    for I am... the eternal wondering wonderer
    restless yet contained
    perpetual learner, perpetually lost
    a bird with a broken wing
    trying to fly high but scared of heights
    staying low but not quite grounded
    landing wherever the journey takes me
    trusting in you/me.. that I'll be ok... regardless
    and eventually... find my destiny.

    this is not a poem. this is hope & a reminder
    I'm not your enemy
    but you'll never know that
    because you reject me
    no compassion, no sympathy
    no same accord
    when they come for you
    will you remember me for help
    or blame me for your plight?
    and when they come for me
    what am I gonna do
    without you

    For my brothas...if lovin u wasn't so hard...we could...I would...if I could..

    If I ruled the world
    Imagine that
    I'd free all my sons, I love em love em baby
    Black diamonds & pearls
    Could it be, if u could
    be mine, we'd both shine
    If I ruled the world
    Still living 4 today, in
    these last days & times

    And then we'll walk right up to the sun
    Hand in hand
    We'll walk right up to the sun
    We won't land
    We'll walk right up to the sun
    Hand in hand
    We'll walk right up to the sun
    We won't land
    I saw streaks upon his face
    ending in diamond shapes
    And I raised my hand, a finger poised
    Above his cheeks and wiped one away
    Looked at it dumfounded and stunned
    Tasted it
    What the hell is this, shiny, sweet, liquid, salty
    My surprise
    A black man cries….

    to be continued.... maybe
    Not a problem medusanegrita, thanks for accepting and keep dropping the knowledge, you are hitting the bullseye everytime, Sag:)...Peace In my sister friend.


    Your continued wisdom, especially this morning, causes me to extend my hand of Friendship, if it is not accepted, we are fine still, for real. Here goes!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
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