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    Black Poetry : Thankless Daughter

    Home for the holiday from New Orleans, with Mother and Father at the tiny drop leaf, brown rosewood, mahogany table with the gold, grinning claw feet; Father, choler- red-in the-face, short- sleeved white shirt and cane, says the blessing as Mother brings in the turkey and cranberry. Then...
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    Black Poetry : Love Is In The Air

    love is in the air burning rubble make my Martini strong like on the double pierced right through the skin perched up high as in the raven penetrate as words adore in motion penetrate as words adore; music in the twilight of the air there is was... through lies of its deepest temptation bold as...
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    Black Poetry : On A Printed Page

    On A Printed Page Got no room for second guess in the dire straits of the dead of night Feeling, seeing & laughing politician's smoking crack Sift through a mighty mercury mile; adjust your radio onto places well not in memory of Eddie Van Halen, such as the bended knee hoping that she would...
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    Black Short Stories : Attention Publishers

    Attention publisher's, editors & poets thank you for the opportunity to convey my work to you. It has taken me since the Fall of 1989 to build up my platform in writing. Poetry can take you to places that dreams are made of. From a far away land with kings, queens & dragons. It is a pleasant...
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    Black Poetry : Draw Near to God

    Each of us goes through things in the Christian life. Some tests are pleasant others make you sick to your stomach. The trick is to never lose hope of the Cross. See the battle is the Lord's we are just coming along for the ride. There will be moments of depression, sadness & heart ache...
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    Black Poetry : Helter Skelter

    darkness evokes the very fabric of his frame & gait a renegade for what he did to Sharon Tate 666 a following with Tex and the rest what was going on inside his head the walking dead tried to blame it on a Beatles song yet can't you all get along at first you started out as peace then no relief...
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    Black Poetry : Summer Nights

    The smell of fresh fry doe Time had elapsed playing at the casino Fresh lobster with a side order of fries Those spacious wonderful sky’s Down at the shell the continental were playing A walk by the lady of a statue in waiting Flip flops and the sound of laughter A playground for kids in the...
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    The Front Porch : The Freedom Bell Rings

    So few words produce encryption that begs this reader to ponder! I see America, referenced in "the freedom bell rings" and "shades of gold", which I understand alludes to the anthem "America the Beautiful." That said, the reader encounters "barren land," and the quandary the poet asks to...
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    Black Poetry : Eddie Murphy

    Let me lose through the fire we resist return to the first love in tow whispered many years ago; got hit by a bus while working for the bus company Where you been hiding ? Get the *** out my way ! Got hit in then ever again to get a free pass; in my nature turn toward Eddie Murphy in Brooklyn...
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    Black Poetry : Make A New You

    traveling to & fro bust up the beat to promote its tempo see ya where birds do fly... touch the hem on its garment in the in tuned harmony box the given onions; flight in fancy fatal attraction from turning back shadows.... ice is forming although turned to stone, tongue tied and twisted just...
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    Black Poetry : Surrender

    Surrender Poetry is the perfect avenue for thought and reflection. It is what keeps the deep minded sane. You keep doing you and don’t ever be ashamed of being you. I love you. in sharp poetic terms about wish to surrender sorrow in the brief wink of the eye surrender
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    Black Poetry : Can You All Dig It ?

    Get down on it now its time to listen to my rhyme A word spread it if you already heard about two lovers As birds drifting way up to the sky I sing a sweet lulabye The pair went out for burger and fries but after to their surprise Police came in for the free coffee and one was undercover Saw my...
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    Black Poetry : Poetry In Motion

    "Really hits home to all unknown parts. Awake to the tenndency to dream to sing a tender song. As the tender lying of the fawn out on the lawm. Words that breath a nostalgic portion in its meaning. You have created a charming presentation to its flow. First off i like the line pattern to this...
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    Black Poetry : You Think Too Much

    link to think a getaway car gone too far through both bells and whistles... interruption...onto corruption bring too slow from things you ought to know you think too much the dog sling in the rough pillars of thick laughter being prepared for the great here after gone is Rocky's own Beorgeous...
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    Black Poetry : Shed Some Skin

    Shed some skin Work for profit at the nearby gym That's the way its always been You need to be thin Look at the late Karen Carpenter anorexia Hollywood can't live up to your perfect ideal Like Ally Mcbeal or Shaq behind the wheel Used to have Richard Simmons Deal a Meal But that doesn't even...