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    Black Spirituality Religion : people lying about astral experiences make a mockery out of something sacred here's one i had at 7

    This is actually something Ive dived deeper into. Ive tried to do it on my own but Ive only come close. My body won't let go so I gave up I rather it just happen on its own. Some of the stories are hard to believe but me coming close gave me confidence that its not just pseudo
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    Black Astrology : LIBRA THE SCALES...

    Ive always hated the description they give libras. Makes us look soft
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    Black Astrology : Big Bang, or Creation. How did we get here?

    Science is just an ends to a mean. They can't even solve the "mystery" of consciousness. I tend towards creation and im not a religious person but Ive studied a few things about the human body and one thing I always one across is the fact that DNA is a pattern of particles. That pattern, code...
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    Black Men : If a Woman Hits You - What do you do?

    If she just whooping my *** imma have to grab her wrists n tell her chill but if she just wrap me I let it go. Ive been hit by women before and I just walked away but its not worth it to me to fight a woman like she is a man no matter what she does