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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    Hello all. I am heartbroken to learn of his passing. I am also sorry to learn he has been ill. I am sure he is at peace.
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    Black Authors : African American Science Fiction

    From: Daathrekh Publishing> Sent: Wed, September 1, 2010 1:09:23 AM Subject: African American Science Fiction Welcome to the new media outlet for daathrekh Publishing. The birth place of cifer-RA’Ñ¢... a style or genre of fiction, that is speculative, African...
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    Black People : Finally Got Around To "Tweet"

    I see you found me and Yes @LindaChavis but I have alread sent you a message..we'll talk on twitter
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    Black People : Finally Got Around To "Tweet"

    I forgot something In order to send me a direct message we have to be following each other. So once you follow me and I then follow you, if you need help you can direct message me. What is your twitter name, cause I dont accept all followers LOL
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    Black People : Finally Got Around To "Tweet"

    Kamau I tweet..what you should do is follow me..then click on people I follow..then you can click on who they follow if you like. That is how I got started by following a friends list. Then your time line will flow. I find my time line flows fast when somthing is going on and if you start...
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    Black People : White House; open ear to Wall st. / closed ear to liberal critisicm

    Gibbs is right on point and here is why Gibbs is not talking about rank-and-file Democrats, but about those who have largely been announcing throughout the blogosphere for a good few months that they will sit out the mid-terms, never vote Democratic again, and primary Obama in 2012. They...
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    Black People : Pray for Mom - Surgery Tomorrow

    Great News ! (((HUGS)))
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    Black Relationships : Marriage in Islam

    This is your orginal quote: So how can you didnt say one put type under your fingers...explain why you cant stand African Christian women..or be quiet.
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    Black People : Happy Birthday Brother Knowledge Seed

    Happy Birfday ! I hope it was special !
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    Black Authors : Speculative Book

    I couldnt find the thread we started about this but here is information on the book I said when I found it I would post. Feel free to move this to the thread where we were discussing speculative fiction. King Maker Maurice Broaddus on the Anthology "Dark Faith" by Jeff VanderMeer on March...
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    Black People : Black people and science fiction/fantasy

    Here is a list of Sci-Fi or Speculative Fiction authors: Zaji wrote When We Were One Brandon Massey wrote Thunderland Michael Marriot wrote The Skull Cage Key & LA Banks writes the Vampire Huntress series starting with Minion I just recently heard about someone who has a book coming...
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    Black People : HAPPY BIRTHDAY $$RICH$$...Let's do a Birthday Cypher!!!

    I hope Your day was as special as you !!
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    Black People : Black enough for you?

    Frankly I have said "what you know about................." many times. It doesnt mean I think "you" dont know anything about it, it is a conversation starter for some. Now Im not saying in THAT persons instance..that is or is not the implication...that they are questioning ones blackness..but...
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    Black People : Nikki Parker - living large and loving it?

    What color are the producers of the show..there is your answer.