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  • Your name came up as needing a mic for Chat, etc...this is to let you know that Brothers Chat has six(6), out of which three(3) are allocated to you, epiphany and truetothecause....if you will, you can get in touch with Bro. Info-moetry here and make arrangements, at no cost and secure a mic: sncr7@yahoo.com
    Not a problem Linda, not at all, we are Brothers Chat trying to make a difference and getting closer to Greatness, per Step #10....Peace In, for real.

    Linda Chavis...we are Men of our word:

    From: sncr7@yahoo.com
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    To: lurlenecoger@bellsouth.net
    Subject: Re: Linda Chavis
    Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 10:55:50 AM [View Source]

    Peace bro. Clyde

    This is good to hear, that we are moving on our words. I will send my $50 to
    sister linda's acct on friday the 15th the day of the bro. Chat fast. Giving is
    an excellent way to begin a day of fasting! Also I will be in the wholesale
    district in ny over the weekend and try to price some wholesale mics. So I will
    probably be reaching out to bro. Hodee for his vendor's licence number if it's
    needed. This way we will have a few on "stand by" and ready for anyone who
    needs them as opossed to needing them and having to run around looking for

    My number is (347) 579 - 4304 - u can fwd it to the brothers and anyone having
    trouble with the fast on friday can call me and we will make it thru


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    -----Original Message-----
    From: lurlenecoger@bellsouth.net

    Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 15:12:25
    To: <sncr7@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Linda Chavis

    Bro. Info-moetry,

    Here it is, Linda and Tariq have talked, her compact computer should be sent
    back, which will take 100.00. Linda got the CEO involved and reduced the fee
    from 300.00 to the hundred, if they cannot fix the 1 yr old computer, it will be
    replaced, Tariq is comfortable with all of this.

    Tariq's number is: 314265-2584 and Linda's number is: 614-404-9033, we have
    decided to send to Linda's pay pal account: llchavis1@aol.com the money. In
    order to keep this simple, you send 50.00 and I will send 50.00, this will get
    it done and we can share this with the brothers for their contribution or pay
    back to us(me and you). If this is acceptable to you, then either call me:
    662-781-4115 or 901-921-0356 and my email is lurlenecoger@bellsouth.net

    I have provided all numbers for your verification and hope that you agree this
    to be the most expedient way to solve the problem, if not, I am open to changes
    you suggest,

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