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    Black Education / Schools : Afrocentric Learning Tools

    Visit Afrocentric Learning Tools, a new black website that highlights products and services that aim to educate Black Students and promote the development of Multicultural educational tools. The site includes lesson plan ideas, product reviews, news and resources for Black parents, Educators of...
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    Destee Network : Black Business and Myspace Marketing

    As increases in popularity, I thought this would be a good time to talk about how entrepreneurs are marketing themselves on myspace, and how you can do the same thing. I've put together a collection of posts specifically on myspace marketing, hopefully you will find something that...
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    Teaching Black Youth about Money

    I recently read this very interesting post on that stated: ------------------- AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS STRUGGLE WITH MONEY MATTERS: Study reveals black students lag behind white counterparts in financial literacy. Statistics showed that: • African American students...
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    Destee Network : Black Writers - News - Article Submissions Wanted

    Urban Dynamics has recently launched 'A Little Black Know How', a free article submission site for African American writers. This site is currently looking for Black News, Reviews, Commentary, Short Stories, Events, Poems, Self Help articles and Spiritual Testimonies. If you have something you...
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    Destee Network : Phat Girlz Movie Contest

    Enter to win a Phat Girlz prize pack! The new film starring Mo’Nique as Jazmin Biltmore, is about a smart-mouthed aspiring fashion designer. PHAT GIRLZ is an edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight while struggling to find love and acceptance in a world full...
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    Destee Network : Free Web Design / HTML Help

    I created Multiple Shades of You Online to be a helpful resource on multiple levels. One of msoy's key mini-projects is the Sistweb blog (, which aims to provide web support specifically for African American Web Designers and Do-It-Yourself Entrepeneurs. If you have...
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    Africa : Are Latinos / Hispanics - 'Africans' too?

    I think.... Hmmm... we are all of African Descent, but the buck stops there. I have worked with so many Latinos who look just like me, except they speak spanish and do not consider themselves black. I worked with one young boy in particular who was called the 'N' word by a fellow white peer, we...
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    Destee Network : Black Business Contests and Giveaways

    Everybody wants to get something free off the internet right! But what about alittle give? Do you host Black Contests or Black Give Aways on your site? Do you sell a Black product with a few extra / samples that you are willing to share freely with the masses, or even sell at a disount? If...
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    Destee Network : Black Online Entrepreneurs

    thanks thanks for the support, it's my goal to create a comprehensive collection of online resources for black business owners :) lhenry
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    Destee Network : Black Online Entrepreneurs

    I recently created a new Black Business website, Black Online Entrepreneurs, which aims to support African American Small Business & Black Professionals by identifying resources that increase the development of diverse, minority owned businesses.
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    Black Poetry : Watching mamma sleep

    thank you, its kind of scary realizing how I turned into my mother and comforting at the same time. lhenry
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    Black Poetry : Watching mamma sleep

    I used to watch my mamma lay in bed Rest her heavy head upon a light pillow And drift into a silent slumber I used to wonder what made My mamma so sleepy so I didn't know till I did grow Into a younger image of she and All the pain in me melted into the Sweetest of sleeping potions...
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    Black Poetry : ONE NIGHT STAND

    that's real.... though i hope u keep to fantasizing while keeping your better half in site :), cause that kind of lovin is wrong and u need to keep right LHenry
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    Black Poetry : Big Mammas and Little Women

    thank you :) it's always scary to share something personal, but i'm glad when someone can relate to it, or at least understand where I'm coming from. L.