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  • LadyBelle
    Stay strong. When I first visited your photo Album. I felt the special significance of it. My Prayers for You and Your Family. May time, peace, and life aglow it's self around and always in your life. Visit soon. You’re missed
    Yes Sister LadyBelle,

    My prayers went out for you as soon as I read your note, and they continue on behalf of you and your family. Okay, on the information I experienced begin to look for it in a PM, which is private mail(message). Unless you have actually sent or received a PM, here is how it works; a pop-up (box) will suddenlly appear when you or online showing who is sending you the PM, select "okay" and then select "cancel." If you select cancel first, it only disappears. But if you can read the inverted white pyramid just below the log in area, near the top of most pages, by passing your cursor over it, drops what kinds of messages are being attemted. Its easy once you get the hang of it:).

    Clyde Coger

    Hope all is well for you! And thanks for the info on the Black Heart, thats interesting. Look, I could tell you somethings about "code blue," and ICU, and I probably will in a PM(private message). My prayers go out for Grandmother. Above all, have good holidays now that testing is over and you are well rested:), I can't wait to read your next write:).

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