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    Black Poetry : Mama, where were you?

    Mama, where were you in times of need? When I was put away in home and them people were fondling me I had no clothes that fit but them people were paid to care for me I had nothing of my own, it was a messed up life for me You see....... I HAD to leave After that I was on my own I was running...
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    Black Relationships : Male/Female Questions Before Sex

    Are you serious? Some of these questions were just funny to say the least. I could see myself asking some of these questions and getting a wtf look from the other person lol
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : mother

    Young love, lust, and a statistic to many A struggle turned over to involve one family One loves, one dont One wants to be tied down, the other one wont It happens everyday in the neighborhood I'm from She walks down the school halls and people laughs at her He's with his boys tellin them...
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    Black Short Stories : Eboni is she...but who is he? continued

    I liked this piece. very good. Michael, I liked how you dragged his name out until the end. very clever. Cant wait until the next part. plz don't stop here.
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    Black Short Stories : Eboni is she..but who is he? continued.

    I'm lovin this. I'm definitely lovin yo style. Bravo.
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    Black Short Stories : Hood Miseries (Part 1)

    "Misery! Misery I know you hear me!" My mother yelled at me from upstairs. My mother was a drunkard. She was never at home but you can bet when she was that the whole neighborhood knew she was back. Her mouth, her mouth was so loud. She was the direct opposite of myself. I was so soft spoken...
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    Black Poetry : A tree is just a place marker

    flowers mark the outline of my street but they don't shine with beauty Cause every tree by me speaks gloomy Cause every flower is artificial And the tree just marks where that person last stood before they were murdered brutally It's crazy That the tree is just a place marker That marks a...
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    Black Poetry : Grandma was Mama......not you

    I hate to tell the truth But grandma not mama was the one who put money under my pillow for my first tooth That while other kids had mothers in their teens and twenties in kindergarden my mama was walking on a cane at fifty two She smiled real tooth I didn't rock name brands, my...
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    Black Poetry : These video ***s

    NOTE TO READER: Before you read this I want to say this is not to be taken offense upon. I don't normally call our black sister's **** or ******es either for that matter, even when I'm mad. But the present day reality of the entertainment industry has made me write such a piece. I've seen so...
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    Black Poetry : Happy Birthday sista Krazelyricks

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes. It wasn't at all what I expected but I'm just glad to have made it through another year. Nothing is more special than that. Thanks again, muah.
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    Black Poetry : This what happen when you locked up for 20 years

    You start off on the top but now you rock bottom The same people that had ya back, you call but neva get em you were a legend but once you caught, you a stranger to em The money they owe you is paid in full, you nothing to em Your girl that held you down, told lies, now turns and fukk em'...
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    Black Poetry : Go down in defeat

    I walk these streets And I watch my peeps Standing on the street corners across from the ones with nothing to eat They pocketing fifty dollars an hour And they NEVER even give the poor a dollar Which stand less than fifty feet I remember when that was ME I watch these crack feign walk five...
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    Black Short Stories : Snatchers: For The Love Of Money (Part 5)

    Honey: "Awww **** girl, dang. Ummmmmmmm.......OOooooooo." "Ooooo daddy!!! Ooooo daddy!!!! Yea, yea, like that!!!" I faked as i look at my Prada watch on my wrist at the same time. It had only been two minutes and he already acted as if he was going to come. Bring! Bring! Bring! That was...
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    Black Poetry : The Reason For Being A Dummy

    Sweettee I'm so sorry sister that you had to be a lady in this kind of predicament like so many women from my neighbohood. This was told fom a person on the outside of the situation. People often see the reality of the situation through the outside of someone's tears. The person looking through...
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    Black Poetry : The Reason For Being A Dummy

    It was in her tears that I could feel his hand go upset her head As the tears dropped on my shoulder from her hurt I heard every vulgar thing he had said I felt every bruise on her ribs as it ached she wished she was dead My how this friend of mine wished they had never wed Much less met...