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    Black Spirituality Religion : the psychological effects of white jesus continue to haunt us

    Some brothers in Harlem do a survey asking black people who means more to them: Marcus Garvey, Jesus Christ and Malcolm X; Guess who comes out number one?
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    Black People : If you can watch Scandal for an hour You need to watch Dick Gregory

    In addition to my comment above, I must say despite my reservations on some of his issues and his lack of facts, I do absolutely adore the fact that in this video Dick does not tone down his message one single jot for the predominantly white audience, and delivers his speech in exactly the same...
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    Black People : If you can watch Scandal for an hour You need to watch Dick Gregory

    I agree with you there. I respect and agree with his general criticism of the white power structure (which conscious black person wouldn't?) but some of the specific cases he refers to in this and other videos I've seen of his, he alludes to conspiracies with slim to zero proof. In this video...
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    Black People : Redneck Hilly Billy Questions Black People’s Mentality....and I agree with him!!

    I'd like to know Destee posters opinions on this, in a nutshell he's questioning why black people follow the religon given to them by slave owners....... Another guy saying...
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    Black People : Comedian deconstructs idiotic notion of "reverse racism" in less than 3 minutes!

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I dont get to visit Destee that often these days but this was so good I had to share:
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    Black People : How Much Do You Know Or Remember About The Civil Rights Movement?

    I watched this a few days ago it was superb (there are 4 parts in total). Its amazing that the Iranians (Press TV is an English language Iranian TV channel) very much the world bogey man at the moment can produce a show regarding black people pf a quality thats far beyond anything on American or...
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    Although comedic, I believe this is a more realistic reaction (in 1800's) to a fancy brother on a horse than in Django
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    Thanks. Kunta Kinte and Fiddler story did move me, especially when they beat Kunta to force him to answer to the name Toby and seeing Fiddler desperately trying to spare Kunta his whipping, and the others terrified and close to tears as he's savagely beaten, then reassuring after the beating...
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    I dont have the time or deisre to read all 100 plus pages of this thread so I'll just add my two cents and only come back to this thread if someone asks me a direct question about what I've written......sorry if I'm rambling I am typing as ideas come to me. I thought it (Django Unchained)...
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    Black People : "One-Drop Rule" - Look White/Identify as Black

    I listened to this through another website about a week ago. Very interesting but although I hate the way the one sister treated the other in high school, I tend to agree with her assessment that she is a white person with some black ancestry rather than a "black person".
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    Black People : I Wonder Where Does Descendants Of Black Slave Owners Live Now

    I doubt it. After slavery allegedly ended in 1865 and reconstruction was abandoned 12 years later, black codes, convict leasing, share cropping, peonage, jim crow, segregation took hold and was applied to ALL black people, any special privileges a few blacks may have had went to the dogs, its...
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    Black People : Excellent Documentary "Made in America" about the origin of Gang Warfare in LA

    This is a superb documentary, sad, depressing, yet thought provoking and somewhat uplifting in parts, it details the history of the two major black gangs in LA and explains how there roots are in the institutional racism segregation of the past.
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    I haven't read this entire thread but the answer to the question posed is obviously "no". Please watch this 5 minute clip of James Earl Jones reading a speech made by freed slave turned abolitionist Frederick Douglass in 1852, its called "what is the 4th July to the slave?". Although it talks...
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    Pan Africanism : White Bajans-versus-Guyanese Bajans

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Here in England its different as virtually all black people are like my parents immigrants from the Caribbean (or Africa), like me the child of immigrants or like my nephew the grand child of immigrants. Black people have been in USA many generations going back...