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    Black Spirituality Religion : Dark Deceased

    I have dealt with dark deceased... it is very annoying. It tends to start off with my body having a weird feeling and then a strange awareness of certain experiences that spirit has had. When the experience ends I tend to be more aware of what needs to be done both in my life and just the...
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    Black People : Respecting your elders too much

    If your parents are causing you nothing but emotional pain it is wise to cut the cord from them, is it not? And wouldn't it also be an act of wisdom to cut the cord from other so-called 'adults' (meaning those older than you), if they cannot respect you?
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    Black People : Baltimore park recreates first black shipyard

    Thank you for posting this dusty. I notice that this amazing piece of information has received only 8 page views yet other posts involving girls crying for help and receiving nothing but ridicule from her own people seem to receive hundreds of views. I wonder why this is.
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    Black Relationships : Do you think you are sexy? Whats sexy to you?

    My husband also thinks I'm sexy. I think he's sexy.
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    Black People : Blood Type & Inferiority

    Individuals interested in POC unity might take interest in the following information I came across: In the 1920's and 30's, blood type became a major issue in Japan because Western scientists were claiming that they proved the inferiority of the Asian race. In the west, there are very few...
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    Black Parenting : Abortion

    Well, rape would have to be an exception. My post was going from the perspective of someone who got pregnant because they were too stupid to use birth control and was in a normal romantic relationship. I believe if you get pregnant through a rape it depends on your religious beliefs... in my...
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    Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikans, The Most Divided People

    Afrikans Well, I myself would prefer the term African or black because Afrikan you know... it sounds a little racist. South Africa is very racist... so I think it's best we use the spelling 'African.' This is just my opinion.
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    Black Relationships : Love through video games

    Has anyone here found love through playing online video games or is the thought of adults playing video games too repulsive? Here are two adult-rated video games:
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    Black Parenting : Abortion

    Exactly. Anyone that wants to shed blood and take away any life is a fool whether in this realm or the next. And if you take away the spiritual blood of a person, well I guess God will have to deal with you in the next realm.
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    Black Relationships : Religion and Men

    For the context here Kemetician Theologists.
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    Black Relationships : Religion and Men

    This question is for Christian women: Would you give up your religion if you thought you could find a suitable relationship with a person of another faith?
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    For the young blacks who are actually listening to the music (not to make the assumption that ALL are), then they need to find a better source of music to listen to; 70's like... ones that promote black love. My father used to be a singer and he promoted black love in his music. Here is a...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Why didn't our ancestors use their powers to fight slavery?

    Perceptions got screwed up because of Christianity. I believe if we weren't Christians we probably would've been able to use ATRs to eliminate whites spiritually.
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    Black People : Quiet, Respectful Little Girls

    Why are teenagers who are quiet, respectful and try to follow the rules hated by certain groups? No matter what they do or say, since they are not extroverted and ready to tell off people they are still hated. Why?