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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : A brotha with no more tolerance for weaves/wigs

    Why do you always refer to it as nappy? As a natural haired woman, I find my hair soft, easy to deal with and much healthier than it was when I was relaxed. The problem is that too many black women do not know how to take care of our natural hair because we wash it with harsh shampoos and use...
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    Black Relationships : Ok... so I just answered a question about polygamy and had to ask the women...

    What do you REALLY think about it? If you're for it- why? If not, why? what are your thoughts ladies....
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    Black Poetry : I Am White

    Nice twist This grabbed my attention. I like the twist as well.
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    "Shake your moneymaker Queen For we are nothing more than our assets Our breast and thighs Our lips and eyes A piece of meat to desolate and demean." They lie..... "Queen, You are nothing more than your attitude a neck rolling baby daddy having fool To be left a...
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    Black Poetry : You're already good enough

    I agree with everything you said in that poem. I've written a poem along the same topic called " The Trends" Its sad how a "logo" determines your likability and social status. leaving the human connnection so utterly shallow and superficial in crowds where status is everything.
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    Black Poetry : THE LOVE OF GOD

    Beautiful poem with inspiration and yet comforting as well. I like the light airiness to it yet still saying something profound. Enjoyable read. I almost want to frame it and place it on a table top in my home somewhere! If it were for sale, with those words, I would've purchased it.
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    Beautiful post!!! This line almost made my eyes water, " I find it very interesting that a people who manages- To barter in such brutality have the audacity to call us savages You are soo insightful and spiritual. I love this piece. It could almost become a short story.
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRAIDS??? UHHH!

    I've come to that point already. I just had to vent my frustration after an ignorant conversation about weave and why I should get one.... :10500: I love my natural hair and I am determined to grow it out and never relax again. This is my third and final attempt. There is no going back. In...
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    Black Women : White Beauty is NOT the only beauty

    :toast: YES YES!! You said it right. Don't look at the magazines because you won't find images of yourself. We have a beauty beyond what you will find in those magazines
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRAIDS??? UHHH!

    I know it's coming... lol. We are recovering from the past generations brain washing with the new generations paying less attention to who can fit in with the whities and in doing so we are developing a greater appreciation for our own culture, hair, and ways. Light vs. dark is becoming an...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRAIDS??? UHHH!

    :toast: Well, I know there are many of us out there who appreciate that we can wear braids in all it's glory. I am just trying to figure out where this state of mind comes from that a straight weave is better than braids because I find myself defending my braids while amongst my black...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRAIDS??? UHHH!

    My issue is this. Why is it that when you are a black woman and you choose to wear braids whether with your natural hair or braided extensions ( my hair is natural btw) it seems that it is OTHER BLACK WOMEN who look down upon my style more so than any other race? It's like, when your hair is...
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    Black Relationships : What makes my marriage work..

    I'm new to the forum and this is the first post I've read and I have to respond. I agree with you 100%. I am a woman who fell in love with her best friend and no type of relationship compares to the bond you feel when you love your best friend. Like you and your wife, we are able to laguh...