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  • JaylaMaria111,

    Just completed reading your thread, and my heart goes out to you in the same manner of those that have posted on your behalf. There seems to be a variety of issues that are on the table, and are being aired out all at once, or at least have been aired out over the period of the thread's inception.

    Most critical is the fact that you rightly concluded that the one counselor you visted, a non-black person, was unequipped to handler your problems. The question becomes are there black counselors available near you, and have you sought them out?

    The next question is this, have you taken the time to write down and itemized all of your problems? Writing something down on paper is always a starting point to achieve success, and acts as a kind of therapy by removing said problems from your mind. Otherwise, you are constantly sorting things out through memory selection. So, put your problems down on paper, if you have not already done so.

    And if you ever find the right counselor, you will have quick reference without having to sort through every single issue, possibly leaving something out.

    Continue to come to this Site, as it appears to be a way of venting, and pay attention to those that are genuinely showing real concern, only. As difficult as it may be, ignore the responses of those that seem disingenuous, to continue responding will only prolong the success you are seeking.

    At the very top of your list should be, Self-Hate. Go on from there and carefully think about your problems and list them singularly. I think you will find they sort out into different groups, if you will. Or, that many will fall into the same category.

    Self help is always best if possible, however, you have been provided with enough information, in my view, to be able to at least identify areas of your life that need/require your attention. Astrology4U has provided personal information, which has to be put to use, and Destee has submitted a plan, which if carried out, may offset the need of a bonified Counselor. But please, try and locate some local black professional.

    Your Friend,

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    Hello JaylaMaria111
    I read your post where you said you are looking for a husband.
    I enjoyed the read on that.

    Don't stress. You single and whom captures to you.
    Is all your choicing. Be happy... in what ever you take on.
    Hello you have a deep question and if you allow your self time the right wholesome one will come upon you and i just wanted to say hi.....!
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