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    Black Poetry : Your about to lose me

    You can't do something as small as I ask Your about to lose me.
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    Poetry Discussion : Why should anyone buy your poetry book?

    i believe poetry is for the reason i am tryimng to get my book published called the homeless man who gave the world a wind up clock to charge cellphones so people are allowed to puruse their objectives who arent being allowed to because of discrimination I need someone to help me edit my...
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    Support : Thank you for including ma

    Thank you so much for having me I'm sure we will enjoy each other I can't wait til the conversation at 12 Thanks again so much
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    Black Short Stories : Help with my book

    Hey everyone I wrote a book about when I was made homeless because I had a wind up clock to charge cellphones made Here's what I paid to have made I am about to speak to a product designer but the years of suffering on the street caused me schizophrenia which the white people and other who...
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    Black People : cold makes more intelligence

    they proved that cold makes more intelligence and hot makes more resistant to diseases cold water makes more oxygen warm water makes more hydrogen I am doing tests to put a tube in my nose with water to my stomach to make it so I drink morewater, I am drinking 4 liters a day with this system...