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    Black People : How/Why do you celebrate christmas??

    Heck not, too many white people around acting like they don't know how to skate, knowing there was no thing but ice in the caucus mountain
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    Black People : If your son brother or nephew hated on dark skinned black women like this what would you do?

    Peace First off, he's saying light skin and black girls like there's a difference. Sounds to me like got his heart broke by a beautiful sister. But, to answer the threads question, i'd smack the white out of 'em...
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    Africa : DNA Test Proves Chinese Are Of African Origin.

    Peace That's why I just recently opened a Chinese restaurant, but no Chinese customers to dare. I guess they don't like the food they feed us.
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    African American History Culture : Why We Must Continue To Recognize Black History Month

    Peace Maybe we need to celebrate all year long, so we don't have to krrp repeating ourselves. ..
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    Black People Politics : Is The Black Vote Necessary To Win the US Presidency?

    Peace No, but neither is the so called white vote.
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    Black Relationships : Should A Woman Make Her Man's Plate?

    Peace Is this question rhetorical?
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    Khasm13 : high standards...

    Oohhhh, sniidddfiiidddaaapppp. I. See a battle brewin' :hello: