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    Khasm13 : i got spoken word beatz....

    i'm tryin to get a few much u talkin? lol
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    Black Poetry : Can't turn a *** to a Housewife...

    crazy chick, alwayz find a way to make me sick- i left u twice, u got me back wit all ur shady tricks- when u wuz gone i'd babysit 'cuz the baby's sick- i thought u stuck around for dough, i think its mainly dyck- but dang girl, u know u wuz the type to get laced- even though we shared that...
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    Black Poetry : Remember When

    Remember when i read this the 1st time and didn't respond...this wuz hott...keep it up fam...1
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    Black Poetry : Sharing Wordz to You Mothers...

    I should of posted this on Sunday, but wuz wit my momz...i gave her this on Mothers Day and thought i'd share it with the Destee all u mothers out there, keep don what chu do...and we fathers do appreciate you mothers...1 Luv...... Mama, you'se the lap where I was layin my head...
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    Khasm13 : special herbs...

    u neva seem to amaze me duke...good ish!...keep it up
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    Black Poetry : Wrote stuff in code not buffaloed by your whack style

    lol...MADD u are pretty dang good at this...still laughin
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    Black Poetry : Wombman

    i had to read this twice cuz this wuz too good...very good imagery showed...keep it up...1 luv
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    Black Poetry : I thought u keep it Real...

    thanx everybody...this site showz alot of luv when it comes to feedback...i guess she'll enjoy it az well when i read this to
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    Black Poetry : Would I be wrong

    wow...would i be wrong to ask u for your number? piece here...feelin this
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    Black Poetry : I thought u keep it Real...

    Relax and listen, baby tell me why you're actin different My back is bendin', and I'm about to crack from tension We're past this friendship, why you gotta play with my mind? Ungrateful, and I'm, just about to turn my back and end this But before this crap gets twisted, there's one thing you...
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    Black Poetry : HOME "

    ^...couldn't of said that any better...i wuz definitely feelin this one Rich...
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    Black Poetry : Hey Lets Do A Cypha Yall These Are A Lots Of Fun For Real Show Everybody Your Skills

    cuz we’re still living in a civilization, this so-called civilized nation where we still arise hatred through these killer’s eyes pacing... 1 Luv..thanx 4 keepin this comin...a Destee Classic 4 sho
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    Black Poetry : Hey Lets Do A Cypha Yall These Are A Lots Of Fun For Real Show Everybody Your Skills

    the rich know not of this life we lead... sacrificin what we eat justa get what we dream/ 1...why did this die down?
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    Black Poetry : A Black Man's Introduction

    this wuz outstanding...i wuz feelin this drop 4 real...keep up the good work...u one of my favorites here...1