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  • Thank You Brother Hiphopolx ... gosh ... this is so sad. But at the same time, i must rejoice that God saw fit to bless our lives with Brother Nibs. That we were even allowed to have him for the short time that we did. That was a blessing. Yet, i'm saddened by this loss. Gosh. Brother Hiphopolx, i said in the thread that we should have a celebration of our Brother's Life in chat soon ... i do hope you can join us ... just waiting for Sister Queen to let us know when. Love You! :heart:
    Brother Hiphopolx ... ohhhh nooooo ... this is upsetting news. I've not seen Brother Nibs for quite some time. Gosh. I've posted a thread ... Anyone Heard From Brother Nibs? ... hopefully someone in the Family can tell us that all is well with him and his! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Love You!


    Greeting the pure Light in you. Just wanted to stop by & leave a lil love. May your light remain illumined.

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