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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    Wow rest in peace brother. Spoke to him a couple of years ago on the phone about returning to Africa. Will be missed
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    Black People : Black History Month and Continental Africans

    Yeah i been to Ghana twice i understand. What we as AA's have to understand is that Ghanians dont like Nigerians and say that Nigerians are destroying their country. Liberians dont like Ghanians and Ivorians don't like Ghanians but they all say Nigerians are bad. From my experience with...
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    Black People : African American Male's Oldest DNA on the planet.

    very interesting i am from anderson county near clemson as my avatar states
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Quality of our Fate depends on how we treat Black Women

    :SuN049: man stop it lol but hey pulled that picture out of one of those ole malachi york books
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Now its time to ruffle some feathers

    I understand the tax situation that gives these hybrids a unfair advantage over us but once upon a time we owned mostly our own cleaners grocery stores etc I know growing up in South Carolina. Yeah we have spending value of any ethic group but what do we spend it on. For the most part just hand...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Now its time to ruffle some feathers

    Well they probably done pulled it off while we sit here arguing who built the pyramids we are getting our behinds kicked by mexicans,arabs indians and other hybrids who have come in and took over the black community be it gas stations, liquor stores and flea markets etc, you name it they got and...
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    Black People Politics : WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

    Already been to ghana twice will be going to the ivory coast soon yeah africa is where its at there are simply too many "yes boss" negroes in the usa to accomplish anything aka stephen from django and too many stephanies also they pose the greatest threat to me simply because they eat sleep and...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : ❤ Ʈhe Ꭾerfection of 乃lack W̸̘͎͇͉̻̭̞͍̙̌omen

    LOL perfection cannot answer this question simply because what he says is contradictory and counterproductive. How come one end is that the black woman is the creator and god all everything and there is nothing that a black man can tell her that is what he said in his podcast with destee. Yet...
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    Black People : Old Black Bus Drivers Gone Wild... again..

    THIS^^^^^^^^ I have been saying this for the longest I used to ride marta here in atlanta, 99.9 percent of the time pay your fare and sit down and behave like a human being and 99.9 percent of the time the bus driver or anybody won't bother you.
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    Black People : Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Aggressive Girl

    lol how did he let his anger get the best of him after being spit and grabbed by the neck? It would seem like the other way around to me. She the one got on the bus and started acting like a raving lunatic against a stranger and expect to get treated with kid gloves. Its all about choices to me...
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    Black People : Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Aggressive Girl

    Would you be angry if somebody spit on you? Spitting on someone is one of the most lowest vile things you can do to a person. No telling what type of diseases she was carrying. And why did she disrespect the elder guy by cussing at him. She initiated the whole affair she could have easily sit...
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    Black People Politics : Obama Chooses to Remain Quiet, Again

    It bothers you? What did you expect out of a wall street owned puppet? Obama is a product of the bankers not the people. Therefore he takes orders from wall street