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    Black Poetry : FLASHBACK

    The length is still there, these are just teasers.
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    Black Poetry : FLASHBACK

    FLASHBACK The way you call my name during ... you do me proud And it strokes my ego when you do it L~O~U~D loud In the midst of huffs and pantings that puts grunts over groans Particularly when you do it in obscene, vulgar tones Grabbing my arm, burying your fingernails in my wrist Matching my...
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    Black Poetry : Beyond Description v.1 (by K-JiO)

    Beyond Description She had a set of lips that I've only seen on the face of Jill Marie Jones Lips that say "I want to kiss you, and then jump your bones" Lips that bring the heat that inspire the spawning of Tornadoes and Cyclones Making men of the deepest voice utter and coo in spry tones If...
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    Black People : Is Black Nationalism a Dead Issue?

    Like ingredient for a cake, you have the elements needed for a sustainable black nationalist movement, but like the cake you need to combine the elements, the put the elements under heat and pressure to form. A lot of us here in the states are pacified with relative success and don't feel the...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : What Spiritual Path Does Not Diminish Another Spiritual Path?

    For whatever reason it's in peoples nature to be self-cenered enough to believe they are the best, it are involved in the best of anything to the exclusion of others. In Christianity for example, you have Baptist who hate on Churches of God in Christ who hate on Catholics who hate on...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Christians: Do you believe the devil created African religions?

    The freestyle definition of religion as we know it is, a practice of belief. In this great big world of ours in its vibrant variety, we believe different things ... and what we believe is based on custom/tradition and personal experience. As people of African descent we are, at our roots, a...
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    Black People : Origins of the "Thug" Movement...

    The word thug in it's connotation in hip hop culture isn't that different than it's definition ... it's just been glamorized. I was just thinking about the differences in music videos and movies like "Paid in Full", "Newjack City" and movies along those lines. The hidden hand of music videos...
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    Black Poetry : TIMELESS

    TIMELESS I loved you since before the beginning of forever ... before thought and premonition I loved you since before the beginning of time ... since before time had definition And as to temporal beings, the sun is vast and limitless I loved you before dust was dust ... and water got its...
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    Black Poetry : Difference of Opinion

    Difference of Opinion In a perfect world we'd be addends, not putting on a show Contributing to the sum of the things that we know Adding this that and the other, building off of one another's vibe Careful to stay away from criticism and the occasional diatribe But of late I've been the minuend...
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    Black Poetry : SHE BROUGHT ME TO ELLIPSIS ...

    I'm brought to ellipsis by all of your replies ... thank you all for reading :-)
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    Black Poetry : i wanna write a poem

    This had the vibe of a story teller telling a tale to a captive audience. I liked the way this read. Nice write.
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    Black Poetry : Somebody Please Tell Me

    This is beauty shop talk right here ... I like to ear hustle on gilt talk every now and then to get inside of the female psyche ... nice write.
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    Black Poetry : When I say, "I AM A CHRISTIAN"

    I've read this somewhere, but never knew who wrote it ... thanx for sharing it here with us
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    Black Poetry : Masculinity meets Femininity

    This reads as if this were written for a women's conference or a women's convention ... and if it wasn't, it should have been written for such an audience. This was a beautiful write, worthy of a recital.
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    Black Poetry : SHE BROUGHT ME TO ELLIPSIS ...

    SHE BROUGHT ME TO ELLIPSIS ... She started at a period, with a certain repulsion abatement She had the quality of timeless beauty that on its own, made a statement With an occular attraction tied to a living, breathing, walking display And at times I want to stop staring but I just can't...