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    Black Poetry : ...foolish (revisiting old feelings).

    alwaysthanks. nawl... i ain't gone. you should know that better than anyone... or at least i know you can get wit that split personality typa ****! :lol: don't play! anyway... thank you for takin' the time, my dear. itsallLove.
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    Black Poetry : ...foolish (revisiting old feelings).

    alwaysthank. kt. thank you! Thank You!! ...for symply summing this peace up... in it's entirety. i was hoping to achieve that "hopeless" kinda feeling... & you have affirmed for me that it worked!! :) i appreciate your comments... (as ALLways!) itsallLove, chile.
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    Black Poetry : ...foolish (revisiting old feelings).

    alwaysthanks. sherrie. to your 1st response... wow! i'm glad i could inspire deep reflection in you. & to your 2nd response... this is actually a new peace... i've had a few folks askin' for some sunshyne... i wrote this tonite & thought... "what the hell! go back to your roots!"...
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    Black Poetry : ...foolish (revisiting old feelings).

    you seem to make a fool of me… every time… i allow myself to believe that you & me will ever amount to any thing… other than perfunctory passers-by who only claim to be alwaysalways loving & i just don’t get it… could never… in all honesty comprehend it… are you really that...
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    Black Poetry : ...gone 'til november.

    alwaysthanks. gq. thanks for always diggin' my work! :) sherrie. cute?!!... you're so funny... all the time! rich. thank you for takin' the time to read&reply! :) i.b. you're always soooo sweet to me! & i love you for that!! thank you for the encouragement!! :heart: saleem. i...
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    Black Poetry : i wanna be with you...

    i.b. as usual... you took me there. :) your words always pull me in(to) them... no matter what you're writing about. thank you for that!! itsallLove, chile. elayne.
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    Black Poetry : Just Because I Love You

    gee-que. she sho is lucky!! :D this is beautiful. (& i ain't just sayin' that just because i love you!) :wink: thank you for sharing, sweetie! itsallLove, chile. elayne.
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    Black Poetry : Beautiful People

    jelli. ...thank you for the positive re-affirmation!! :) i enjoyed the read... thorough-ly. alwayspeace&Love... elayne.
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    Black Poetry : Was feeling myself!

    mslb. if i could... i would give you a high-five, chile!! i can dig this one... fa sho!! :D thanks for sharing!! itsallLove. (& it's a wonderful thang!) elayne.
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    Black Poetry : slow down...

    i.b. thanks for the lesson... or should i say the message in your musing? :) either way... this was extrasweet!! itsallLove, chile. elayne.
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    Black Poetry : ...i'm living a love poem.

    saleem. :tongue: thank you for stopping by!! (LOL)
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    Black Poetry : I'm Ready, Now

    mr bert. ...this one made me feel! thank you for sharing, poet. itsallLove, chile. elayne.
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    Black Poetry : ...gone 'til november.

    soon you’ll be leaving… going miles away from me & nobody knows… the pain i feel nobody knows…but… it’s as real as the limitless OurFuture possibilities that i see reflected back at me when i gaze deep into the depths of your beautiful brown eyes …with that in mind…...
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    Black Poetry : "u love drama" ( a joyce/jh piece)

    extraextralarge cranium. mmm mmm mmm! you just know you oughtz ta stop!! :lol: you're so cute sometimes... then you turn right around & act like you got some sense!! that's why i dig you! :D itsallLove, chile! (Nfinite-ly!) elayne.
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    Black Poetry : ...i'm living a love poem.

    alwaysthanks. shazzy. now you know! ...even remote-ly comparing anything i do to miles has made you my friend for life!! :D thanks for taking the time... even if i had to point you in the right direction!! :lol: gigantic dome. you betta be diggin' me! or else!! :D thank you for...