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  • Hey, stranger!....I couldn't help but "bump up" that thread; but no offense meant either....It crossed my mind from some recent threads, is all. --- You've been gone awhile, though....'Hope everything's okay with you and yours.
    I feel and think that folks here are either don't believe that people can evolve/change/grow or believe that others need to just place their blind faith in some solution they put forth...I reject the first approach as a given, but the second replies folks to prove their theory (proposal) via putting it into practice (practical application).
    Thank you Brother Full Speed for accepting my hand in friendship and congratulations on becoming a Premium member in support of this great site.

    Brother Full Speed,

    Your style of debate and discussion in the Agree to Disagree thread is formidable, to say the least...Here is a link I am sharing with you to bring the point home:

    [ame="http://destee.com/forums/showpost.php?p=569830&postcount=828"]dotDefender Blocked Your Request[/ame]

    To capture the whole dialogue, simply navigate to the top right side of the page and click on Thread Discussion, if you have time or care to review, I think you will find it very interesting, trust me...Peace In my brother friend,

    Full Speed,

    Gotta love that screen name, for real:). Its full speed ahead and then some:). Well Full Speed, here goes my friendship request, how about it...

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
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