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    Ghana : Ghana Bans Homosexual Conference

    Indeed they do.
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    Africa : How to kill an African on your white farm

    They won't hang him anyway. They don't do that anymore even if it is still within law. Will just keep him in for life. I'll keep you posted.
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    Africa : How to kill an African on your white farm

    Suprised to find this story making headlines on the New York Times.
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    Ghana : Ghana Bans Homosexual Conference

    Much ado about nothing It may all be a hoax after all. Check this out:
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    Ghana : Ghana Bans Homosexual Conference

    Good question Panafrica. Wrong er, continent. Although maybe they wanted to include gay Africans who are obviously ignored for the most part
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    Ghana : Ghana Bans Homosexual Conference

    Heh heh heh James!
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    gangstas and thugs

    Certainly not. People need to stop insulting women.
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    People should not use rape analogies so quickly. What does it mean anyway? Please explain this to me slowly.
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    Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe officials' assets frozen

    I often ask myself the same question
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    Pan Africanism : Remembering the Children of Soweto

    On this day in 1976, students of Orlando West, Soweto staged a protest against the imposition of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in township schools. It is estimated that there were about 20, 000 students. The police were called in. Tear gas was fired and police dogs were set on the...
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    Pan Africanism : Chinese create unease in Afrika

    Thanks, got it. Like 'monkey' etc.
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    Black People : what would be the most westernized city in Africa?

    Lots of cities in Africa have satelite tv, internet, good sewage systems, roads etc. Just not the whole city. Go to certain parts of Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Abuja, Kigali, Nairobi, Kampala and you'll find all these things, but go to other parts and you won't. But the Republic of South...
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    Black People : Oprah's Africa

    What was on OPRAH? Many people say Africa is a horrible place. I think it is not. And I think many Africans are working to change it. And change is happening, inch by inch. We don't need any saviours.
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    Senegal : Showing Senegal's WWII heroes

    My maternal grandfather fought in WWII. He fought in Burma on behalf of Her Majesty's governement.