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    Black People : Should they rebuiid some new business where the WTC was or make it a memorial spot?

    I decided to approach a topic that everyone could discuss without fear of persecution and that is not as controversial.
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    Black People : How would you handle rape and incest if it happened to you?

    Let me clarify something. The focus is rape and abortion. I don't believe in abortion personally. But under these circumstances what are you to do?
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    Black People : How would you handle rape and incest if it happened to you?

    This is for the ladies! What if you were rape by a male famliy member and got pregnant. Then the doctor told you that if you aborted this child it would be your only opportunity to have a child because something was wrong your system. How would you handle this especailly since you have always...
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    What would you do if you found out the kid you raised wasn't yours?

    This is for the fellas. Honestly, If you found out the woman you have been with for years got pregnant on purpose by another guy just to hold on to you because she knows you wouldn't abandon her in that state. What would you do? Here's another scenario: What if the girl you had an...
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    Should parents be in nursing homes or should the children take on the responsibility

    My grandfather remarried six years ago and his wife just bailed on him because she couldn't handle taking care of him and dealing with his children. I personally think she is a cold -hearted B&$#@!
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    Should parents be in nursing homes or should the children take on the responsibility

    When my grandmother was alive she slowly got sick and my mother took on the bulk of the responsibility of her care. There are six children and they all took parent except one. Now my grandfather is having health problems. So do you think it's right to put a parent in a home or try to do it yourself?
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    Black Relationships : What makes a woman sexy ?

    I personally feel that a woman's mind and how she carries herself are a contributing factor. I like a woman can take charge of her life. But still has room to show vulnerabilty as well.
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    Black Relationships : "Betrayal" are friends really worth the trouble?

    I personally have gained and lost friends over the years. Due to stealing from me, Sleeping with my girlfriend, etc.
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    Black People : 1st public gay high school

    I think that was a very bad decision to make a school for gay teens . First and foremost it's not real life. It also makes these kids more of a target against hate. There are alot of hateful people in the world. Now these hateful people know where to go if they want to do harm to these innocent...
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    Pan-Africanism : Are You African or African American?

    What I mean we are mixed is that we range from extremely light to extremely dark. Depending on our heritage. We have alot different nationalities with in us. I feel we should embrace every aspect of ourselves.
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    Black People : Racist Fliers -Kobe Bryant Case

    This case is not about black and white. It's about sexual assault. It never fails that one issue turns into another. I say let the jury determine what happened. There is too much hate in the world. Love needs to prevail.
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    Black People : Black Films

    I don't understand why we can't get the backing to create great black films. There are alot of rich black folks who can resolve this problem. Couldn't you see a black cast in Basic Instinct, Dangerous Liasions,Silence of the Lambs, Face Off etc. Well you get the picture.
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    Pan-Africanism : Are You African or African American?

    I personally consider myself african american or black. Technically we are not really black. We are a variety of colors. Where did that come from in the first place? I love my complexion which is reddish brown baby!
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    Black People : Favorite Black Intellectuals ...

    My personal favorites are Tavis Smiley, Cornel West.