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    Black Poetry : The Deeper... The Clearer

    The Deeper... The Clearer A breath of fresh air surging through me bringing me sanity basking in the hope of destiny..... bringing me full circle back to you. By what design did life intend for us to be without each other but not indefinitely because you & I finally get our chance to let...

    Black Poetry : Why fly?

    Why fly? Relationships devour or develop you some stable some on quicksand Speaking of love? Future promises and echos of change within expressing true divine love when the heart sees only 1 surpassing the tide of just being comfortable Why fly? Time only gives you a lifetime or a season...

    Black Poetry : A RING AND A CROWN!

    The eyes are dark with blindness in gripping pain and unbearable agony thunder and lightning blazing within my broken soul. So incomplete is despair wondering why I can't bring you back Lord, I wish I could such a tragedy stole you so unexpected and shocked am I. Gentle and...

    Black Poetry : with me

    **FEEL ME** My heart misses you tenderly I'm overjoyed you feel the same I wish you were within my grasp... Seems like you're here though I can feel you beside me;all over me like warm baby oil dripping all over my body And the truth is with us distance hasn't weakened love but it...

    Black Poetry : Making love to Rain Drops

    Rocco.... Your words are as smooth and sweet as honey kissed slowly from your lips. The devine fragrance of your passions mixed with heated ecstasy flows and I'm diggin you.... I look forward to tasting more of your style in later times. I'm blown away!!!

    Black Poetry : wife-to-be....

    Wow!!! That was more than any words can describe!! Real love in it's purest form... Appreciated this 1...

    Black Poetry : Sensual Parlay

    Thankx 4 feeling me SwtT

    Black Poetry : Aretha Said it Best

    Half Crazy A walk in my past! I like the need that was felt by you when you wrote it... Why do we sometimes chase after the wrong thing...?? What a question... Wonderful expressions...(I was feeling this)

    Black Poetry : Sensual Parlay

    HighEmme...It sholl do be like dat sometimes. Thanks for feeling me! I was feeling this flow too...

    Black Poetry : Sensual Parlay

    Thanks so much to all who responded... And special thanks to Reason... Long time no hear from!!! Haven't heard from you in a while.. thanks for replying friend!!1 Love

    Black Poetry : Sensual Parlay

    Thanks a bunch Cindy... I was feeling this 1 too girl! Sholl Nuff....

    Black Poetry : Sensual Parlay

    Opening u slowly.... unwrapping u like a gift Signed sealed and delivered to the door of my erotic exotic hypnotic bionic, tonic of atomic vibrations of pure manifestations intertwined and mingled with plush imaginations filled with sensations.... I'm willing and more...

    Black Poetry : The images in my mind....

    (Take a look inside the images in my mind....) A quiet evening walking alone on a moonlit night the stars blinging so brightly in the twillight A relaxing cool ride on a boat... sailing away far to distant places seeing different phases of life A nice long drive; cruising by the...

    Black Poetry : Delighted Fire

    Thank you, Khasm13, Richne$$ and PurpleMoons for feeling my flow. This poem stemed from the beautiful reflection of understanding the love of two becoming one. Glad you enjoyed it....

    Black Poetry : Just A Drop of Honey/ Love, Loved by Lovers

    Thank you so much Richne$$ and Cindy 4 feeling me in this complicated piece of poetry. I didn't quite know how to express my feelings fully with this flow, but I think I managed to convey love, loved by lovers...