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    Black Men and Shaving

    I was unable to shave with a razor for years until someone told me how to “train my face”. He said he learned how to do this in the Army along with other brothers who could not initially shave with razors. He told me let my beard grow out for while, then take it down as low as possible with...
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    Science and Technology : Does anyone here use Limewire?

    I installed the application on my new computer last night. It's my first desktop with a read/writeable drive on it. Given the horror stories I've heard, I think I going to take Slowly's advice and just pay Itunes a buck per download.
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    Science and Technology : Does anyone here use Limewire?

    So how do you do it (without getting fined)?
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    Science and Technology : Does anyone here use Limewire?

    Have you heard of anyone getting fined for copyright infringement?
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    Science and Technology : Does anyone here use Limewire?

    Does anyone here use limewire or any other file sharing software? If so, I have questions.
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    Does anyone here practice yoga?

    They hurt while I am doing an certain asanas (particularly the upward dog position).
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    Does anyone here practice yoga?

    Ok... So I have been practing yoga for about three months now, and so far I only have one complaint. My wrist hurt (usually when I am in the upward dog position or side plank postion). Is that a common problem?
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    Has anyone here been on the Daniel Fast

    I'll be praying for you :angel1:
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    Black People : Teacher uses racial epithet toward student

    After you click the link, it takes a couple of minutes for the news clip to play. This teacher's explaination of why he used the "N" word is humorous at best. Teacher uses racial epithet toward student
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    Is 3 Meals A Day Too Much?

    Way to go cursed heart :congrats: Keep it up. I myself eat 5 - 6 meals/snacks a day (the largest one being dinner) along the same lines you described. Just out of curiosity, what do you eat for healthy snacks? I'm always looking for healthy snack ideas.
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    Black People : It's 2006 & Black men are still getting lynched

    This recently took place in South Carolina. Luckily the victim in this case wasn't killed. Here is the story Teens Sent to Prison for Lynching
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    What the World Eats

    How about the amount of food that the Germans consumed in a week? :eek:
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    What the World Eats

    Check this out. Hungry Planet: What the World Eats Be sure to scroll down and view the portraits of each family. Each family is photographed alongside a week's worth of groceries. There's also a detailed list of all the food and the total cost.
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    Black People : Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams!

    This is my take on it... First of all, I am completely against the death penalty for a couple of reasons; the first one being that the death penalty is racist. African Americans make of 12% of the population, yet 42% of death row inmates. Secondly, the death penalty does not deter crime. It...
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    Does anyone here practice yoga?

    I don’t know which style I have being doing? (I guess with ever style Steve Ross does). If I had to guess, I would say the type that is practiced in India. By the way, what are chakra centers? Black_Butterfli, Who is Rodney Yee? Does he have a show?