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    Black People : Who Is Black?

    I am agree with you, but I disagree that this is a "silly and retrogressive thread." How so! When people still define and defend this term "black?" If it was so silly and obsolete, then people would not be debating this issue. Oh and to add, whites were debating the term of what White...
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    Black People : Who Is Black?

    Dreamfunk, I agree with you. Race of any kind is a social construct that people accept as real. And does anyone know of the White Racist Culture/White Supremacy ideology of the "One-Drop Rule"???? How does that compare to what you view your definition of blackness?
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    Black People : Who Is Black?

    First, so is a person of a mixed race, or have physical characteristics such as light skin not black? And, philly, so are you saying if people don't get beat up by the police they are not black?
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    Black People : Who Is Black?

    So how do the police figure out who is black? And how do you define yourself as black?
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    Black People : Who Is Black?

    How is blackness defined? How does one determine their blackness? I'll respond after some responses.
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    Black Poetry : Minnesota Duplex

    Thanks for the replies, I hit up all your poems except for Gem's, drop a link
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    Black Poetry : Bitter Sweet 16...

    feelin the rhymes and the mixture of dialouge within this poem. Nice drop here, keep posting them
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    Black Poetry : The Scariest Monster of All

    hose sadistic fickle fingers of fate Loving that line for the alliteration, really feelin this one. People are droppin a lot of morbid stuff, nice drop, peaces
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    Black Poetry : Da Light (halloween tale)

    interesting piece, I was feelin it, but who is this NEMISIS i see in your poems?
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    Black Poetry : Minnesota Duplex

    Ill reply to cats later, Minnesota Duplex Five feet from my bedroom, this isn’t my home That eviction notice says this isn’t my home C17H21NO4 resides so this isn’t my home I witnessed how to cook up coke When some thought it was boiling Pepsi And when my mother took up dope...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Was Jesus White?

    I make the argument that he wasn't, and cats look at me like I'm ******* crazy. What do yall think?
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    Black People : How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back

    Rap and Hip Hop are different. Rap= is what you hear on the radio. The pimps and the gangsta stuff. Hip Hop= the culture. The dance, the poetry, the art. Mos Def and Common are hip hop not rap. They are the culture
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    Black People : Can Black People Be Racist

    thank you kieta, may I quote you?
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    Black People : Can Black People Be Racist in the serious debate forum. Its ridiculous. I think I may stop posting there for a while.