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    Black People : Reparations List

    The Reparations song
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    Black People : Let young Blacks know!...guess what ON DEMAND is showing right now, free?!!

    gotta check it out. Have a screening with me and friends
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    Writing Discussion : Baby boomers ruined America, according to this Generation X author

    every generation has a helping hand in ruining America. The millennials are currently blaming Gen-x and I already see better qualities in the generation behind the millennials (gen-z).
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    Black Entertainment : Kanye West.. has he lost his mind?

    Yep. Money and Fame magnifies who you really are. I do think people grow and change and I'm sure the death of his Mom had an effect. But some of that is just who he is and has always been
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    Black Entertainment : R. KELLY AT IT AGAIN!!!

    Is it our fault that Kelly has gone this far?
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    Black Entertainment : Kanye West.. has he lost his mind?

    losing his mind or showing his true colors?
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    The Front Porch : Care To Introduce Yourself?

    Hey Fam! looking forward to learning and connecting with new people and sharing what I have to offer with my podcasts, blogs, and music. Much love