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    It's been a few years since I logged in.... hello everyone!

    It's been a few years since I logged in.... hello everyone!
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : A Parasite Within

    Questions can act as parasites, Often eating our minds apart. Taking Situations Emotions Dissecting them With every inch Challenged. Making possibility Seem so far from reality. Fear. An unlimited enterprise of capital and control. Fear of never being. Fear of never succeeding. Fear of not being...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : While Flesh Becomes Fabric

    Two years rotten in self Stuck between materials Caged between ideas Tortured by thoughts Confined to a place of enormity Obesity Became you There was no place heaven could hold you Within this society Two years rotting within yourself Bodily decay Death a thousand times Before your body off...
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    Thank YOU

    Thank YOU
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    Black Poetry : Open Letter to Dad

    Thanks again for the read, love, and comment! Peace Peace
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    Black Poetry : YOU

    Thank you for the read and feedback! Much Love
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    Black Poetry : YOU

    You point fingers. You pick up lies and paint streets with them. You lure little girls into sexism. You are sexism plastered on bricks, TVs, and magazine insides. You fail to be more than your horror stories. You wrap yourself around trauma and stress. You pretend life should be all about drama...
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    Black Poetry : Open Letter to Dad

    Open Letter to Dad: With every inch of my soul I confess: I am a writer. I am your daughter, regardless of how much we both run from that simple fact. I don’t hate you. Fact remains, I once was Daddy’s little lady. Riding horses knee high from the ground, I was spoiled, To expect diamonds, birth...
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    @joskidiesel aka author of "Pronouns" ---> All I Can Do Is Get YOU To Think!

    @joskidiesel aka author of "Pronouns" ---> All I Can Do Is Get YOU To Think!
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    African American History Culture : we should kno....

    let us continue everyday is a day to learn... let us continue to learn the names of important people in our history....
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : A Note To Him

    It seems time goes so slow while you are asleep, and it seems like it moves so fast when we both are awake. Pushing me to get sleepy while we flip flop our lives and time responsibilities. Our duties, angles, likes, dislikes, our personalities, styles, and relationships with others, are all...
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    Black Poetry : Even After King Day I Am Still Dreaming

    Even After King Day I Am Still Dreaming Things are much clearer when you open you eyes. As we celebrate the legacy of a man, who invested a life of service and undying commitment to justice and equality for all, we usually also highlight his famous “I Have A Dream” speech. With the...
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    Black Poetry : Everything is NOT a LOL Moment!

    Everything is NOT a ******* LOL moment! I am a hypocrite. I put LOL after everything. **** that is not even funny. No sign of laughter appropriate for miles. Does this mean I don't read or interpret things adequately? Does this mean I am insensitive to others? Don't people...
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    Black Poetry : Imagine

    Imagine getting the phone call that everything has changed Imagine feeling you are reliving whips and chains Imagine thinking everything in life pays Imagine miSsing birthdays and your own parties for arraignment Imagine never touching your newborn twins hands Imagine loving three sons you...
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    Black Poetry : Open Letter to YOU

    Open Letter to YOU: I met you when I was weak. Not fully aware or understanding my full potential. You took advantage of my willingness and desire to be loved. You slowly crept inside my fortress, pealed my layers, pretending to be something you were not. You pretended. All along while I...