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  • I see you've returned...And I urge you to speak up/out/etc. about today's black gang phenomenon, i. e. because some of the older (or not so older) posters seem to be getting it all wrong...FYI...
    And what's going on with Black comics? seems that now with the internet, they would be the right venue to get our youth to get into digging our ancestral principles and ethics
    X Men First Class, a Nazi;Shaw who uses a familiar; Azazzel and a succubus, psychic prostitute;Emma Frost to control both sides of the cold war,
    and in the first seen has the US NATO chief, Italian bankers(Lichio Gelli?) and a military contractor, meeting at his casino . Was this a nod and a wink to the real Illluminati?(Hellfire club?)
    Thor, "A wise king never starts wars" "you can't destroy an entire race" him giving his life to save humanity
    Abari gana! In terms of creativity, I noticed that there has been some really heavy messages in the latest Marvel films! Like white writers have been doing a subliminal Occupy Hollywood.
    Peace and Blessings Brother Da Flash ... you're so quiet, but even being quiet, i feel your presence and am so glad you're here ... thanks for your love ... <3
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